Monday, 11 January 2010

WHW training weekend - Day two

Had bit of a lie on Sunday, 7.30. Have to say my first thoughts were to turn back over and go back to sleep but i didn't. Down to breakfast for 8 to find Simon no mates sitting at a wee table all set for one hahaha, we were going to leave him and point and laugh but decided to let him join us ;)

Before long Karen & George appeared and we made the dining room suitably noisy enough to wake folk up ;) After brekkie we had to check out as we were heading to Milngavie to run and wouldn't be back that way. Great hotel, can heartily recommend it everyone, friendly, clean, cosy and welcoming.

We set off for Milngavie and the plan was to run 6 miles out and back. Jane got bit freaked out with the ice, twas indeed very slippy and icy but we knew it would improve the further in we got. Karen stayed with Jane and me George &Simon ploughed on. Some bits were icy but mosty very runable. Really strange being back in this part again, last time was my first ever time as much trstified few blogs ago! lol It really was the most gorgeous winters day, the WHW has a way of just making you stop in your tracks to look around and realise just how lucky you are.

Got to 6 miles and a quick decision was made to carry on to Beech tree inn AKA checkpoint1! wooop.

Cant go anywhere without George knowing anyone and we met couple folk out there who knew him! Saw quite few runners this time, only 2 we saw yesterday was Lucy & Richie of WHW fame. Maybe more out because we were on the *easy* part of the course? They do say the first stage is easiest part, its why i was given it last yr, being a virgin n all...

Funny to see first place i got lost too! Really quite surreal being back on the same part again but in extremely different circumstances, next time will be when i do the Fling (gulp) Legs were tired but i plodded on and tried not to hold Simon & George back but they were/are very patient, thanks boys

Lots and lots of walkers out today too, few mountain bikers and even couple skiers, madness, everyone was super happy and friendly, the sunshine really does make people that bit brighter don't you think?About 3miles from end Karen reappeared! :o) Jane sent her out reassuring her she was ok, great to see her, she kept my spirits up last few miles when i felt i was flagging a bit.

We were gingerly making our way down last hill which was a sheet of ice when this guy literally came flying past us and ran right down/slid rest of way! nut job, could've easily broke many bones. We Saw him in cafe later and applauded him though lol

14.3 miles done on tired legs, after 27.3 the day before. I'm becoming More confident about this race as weeks roll by, which amazes me as i always doubt my ability as a runner and still see myself as crap! We finished, had cup of tea then sadly said ur goodbyes :o( Yet another bloody fantastic weekend with old friends and even some new ones thrown in for good measure

Here we are messing around at the underpass, which is the starting place for the Fling and WHW race :o)


  1. Great Photos, Was a cracking weekend.

  2. lol at hole in my tights, i tried to hide it. I'm a crap runner but I never doubt i'll get to the end somehow, some way, some time. Tis the journey we enjoy :-) X

  3. lol Jonathon, yes, i'm sure there's a pic of a tree there....



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