Sunday, 31 January 2010


actually i don't think i do rant a lot, unless you mention the fuckin trams in Edinburgh... ;)

I know i shouldn't let things annoy me but i do.So the Murray thread on fetch brought out the usual "oh, he is anti English, lets burn hm on the cross" kinda thing "he's rubbish" blah blah bloody blah.

I posted a link to YouTube (sums it up really huh?)where Tim, i can do no wrong in English public eyes henman explains just what Andy Murray actually said (to him, henman)

Anyway, go read it, maybe i need a chill pill, maybe I'm just bit tired, was up Way too early this morning (5am)

Another thing that annoyed me was Johnj's blog. It basically takes piss out of anyone who blogs and gets excited about things (bit like me really!) i think my blogs say wow, wonderful weekend, great people etc etc, so in that case i take it offence at his piss take blog. I know people who read my blogs know John personally etc but i think he is being a bit of a wanker quite frankly.

So, today... GREAT WEEKEND, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT RUN! ;) we sang, we laughed, we sang some more, then we went to the pub. Oh, and i did 12.25 miles, giving me a grand total of 238 miles for this month, most ever ever.

pictures tell a thousand words n all that....

Scotty did great navigating on Saturday and joint efforts on Sunday in Gav's absence (get well soon Gav!) So good to see the people who'd never done any hill stuff before totally loving it, the doubters!
thanks to Lucy for chauffeuring duties, you're a star.

oh and looky here


I now have an official club vest! Woop!


  1. Re: fetchmare - Och, folk will be folk, and some folk will be tossers from time to time.
    Also: Just read your blog from yesterday, felt bit choked up for you. Glad you enjoyed the running though, I had a total hoot! :-) 'Mon the weekend!
    - Scott

  2. Brilliant mileage little lady and sounds a fun weekend missrantalot. Roll on our shenanigans this weekend :-) XX

  3. What Lintie said, Friday can't come soon enough.x

  4. I know it shouldn't but the stuff about JohnJ's blog really made me laugh. GO SANTA!! :-)

  5. You look fab in your Harmeny vest :-)



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