Friday, 1 January 2010

Review> March

Foot still no better, no running for 3 weeks. London cancelled, thought turn to Edinburgh, i *must* be OK for Edinburgh. Physio was letting me run for mile or two at time, baby steps and all that..

Somehow got roped into running as part of relay team for Highland fling, no idea what it's all about except i have to run about 12miles, somewhere in highlands, in April. By mid March i was back up to 13 miles so i knew it would be achievable. Started running to work again but still taking short route, got super mad with Roger a few times then felt sorry for him after he got sacked, yeah, I'm a sucker huh.

Booked tickets to go see Duran Duran! wooohooooooooooooooooo

A dull month end with an exciting end and my trip down to Birmingham for the Pose Clinic. Brilliant hospitality from Lorna & Leon and getting to meet Mark aka cabletow who within minutes of meeting had diagnosed my foot with nothing more than shoe problems, no stress fracture, no Morton's neuroma. The pose clinic was brilliant, very enlightening, Dr Romanov is just captivating, i love hm! Great great weekend, and the start of injury free running forever?

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  1. I am loving reading these Sandra :) keep them coming xx



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