Saturday, 2 January 2010

Review> April

Mileage was kicking in nicely, i toyed with idea of doing Lochaber marathn then my sensible head kicked in, it's something i thought i'd never see lol But the injury year taught me a lot for sure.

Had few meltdowns regarding Roger, he was right royally pissing me off and actually looking back now i think it's made much stronger. I didn't have to be upset over him anymore did i? Went speed dating, it was crap. Went salsa dancing i was crap. I was having wobbles over racing which i think was down to a kncok in confidence full stop, not just about running, life n general felt wobbly.

As it happens, i ran Edinburgh half and was bit disapointed in my time, but reflecting on it later i was out injured for 6 weeks and realised i needed to get a grip!

Was getting 5th degree off Roger about my life, what i was doing, where i was going blah blah, it was then that i realised that it had dawned on him he'd made a big fuck off mistake in leaving me. Well deal wth it, i had to. I basically told him that and he seemed to back off for a while.

Actually reading back on April it was fuckin awful, i was in pure schizo mode, roger was sending me into meltdown, i almst had a meltdown at work, things were not going great.I thought about pulling out of Highland Fling relay as my head was all over place.

I didn't though, and thank god i didn't What a turning point in my life.

Me, never ran on a hill before, not a real hill anyway. Sure we hills here in Edinburgh, plenty of them. All tarmaccy ones i ever ran though oh yes.The flingers set off at 6am(ladies and old codgers), 7am(men) and 8am(relayers)We waved off Susan,Jen, George,Karen,Flip, Jon & Steve and listened 3 times to the briefing lol So i was put down for relay leg 1> the easiest one apparently. No hills they said. Fuck right off, the liars! And i wont get lost, no don't be silly

LIARS! i got lost 3 times in 12.5miles, and i wasnt only one before you start sniggering

no one told me to look out for the west highland way logo (what logo?, exactly!)

I remember every mile of it, unusual for me, i usually cant remember most of any race except last mile lol. Something lured me n, something clicked oh my god i was enjoying it!!! Even when i noticed all these stupid people going round the side of a hill, i thought, why on earth aren't they going straight across, stupid people. Off i set across, and sunk straight into a bog aaaaargh, i started sinking and freaking out, more i tried more i sunk lol! Got out, ran up wee embankment and i was there, checkpoint 1, my leg over. I was almost disappointed, srsly! did it in 1hr52mins

Had around 5 hours at our disposal so me Roof & Stu set off for some lunch after a much needed cuppa T .We then deposited ourselves at beinglas farm and had a mini fetchpoint to ourselves, it was superb fun. Then i had to get myself ready to run last leg as support for Susan. She'd already warned me it would be tough going. I had no idea.

The last leg took 4 hours (12miles)Susan was broken, totally. She demanded i call someone to pick her up in a car, i refused, over and over and over again, she swore a lot, an awful lot, and vowed never ever ever to this fucking bastard race again. (she signed up for this yr)I got her to the end, well i didn't of course.SHE got herself to the end, i just helped by ignoring her pleas for a lift. Jen bounced past us at about mile 41 looking like tigger with huge smile on her face, have to say this deepened Susans resolve for a car!

Once i knew Susan was OK and on bus back to hotel, i headed off to our family room. LOL is all i can say. Me, Flip, Jo, Dave, Roo & Stu, in a 3 bed room. Hahaha. Shift work getting ready then it was out for food and a ceilidh! brilliant night, brilliant day, brilliant weekend. Oh, and i pulled hahahaha, just as well realy cause the option of sharing a double bed with Flip & Jo really wasn't appealing with the evils I'd been getting from Jo earlier after Flip sent her out looking for me! :o/
Oh, and by the way, i ran the entire 26miles or so in my adizeros, a lightweight racing shoe, meant for flat hard surfaces... lol Car journey home with Roo & Stu i was in back in wee world of my own, and i suddenly blurted out, i'm buying trail shoes! Think Stuart nearly crashed car hahaha, i then promptly fell asleep, must've been pure shock. Huhe thanks to Ruth & Stu for organising and chauferring, i owe you both for sure :o)

I also decided i was doing the Whole Fling next year.

Few days later and Joopsy was in town, well he in the Weej and BigAl was heading through to Kinross t race so asked if i wanted to tag along, so did. Met Joopsy (my adopted big bro, remember?) in a car park at froth bridge, skulking round looking dodgy haha, he hugged me to death and gave me a bottle of champagne, i luv him so.
Race was supergreat fun, the starshaped Joopsy race its now been renamed, it was bit of a fetchfest and was fab. Decamped to pub (of course) then bade farewell to Joopers and headed back home to Edinburgh

Great end to April after it starting so bloody awfully. Just goes to show, there is always a glimmer of light at end of long dark tunnels.


  1. What about me? I even let you share my room :op

  2. You did indeed,cant beleive i left you off that list, i guess the fling sems inconsequential after what you did few months later, now THAT will be long blog, mainly about you! ps-edit buttons are great ;)

  3. Boo!! Guess who didn't remember her login so couldn't comment, i've got it now. :-) Hello.XX



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