Monday, 25 January 2010

It's been a while

crikey, last time i blogged was last wed!
Been bit busy since then i guess. Wednesday> Phil arrived and we left pretty right away as we thought it started at 7.30 but it was 7, we raced in (in the car, we're keen but not THAT fast!)and arrived about 10mins late. Found seat, waved at everyone, sat down then moved to be closer to our lovely friends (Karen, Andy, Soph and Andy's pal, errm Andy?) Was a very interesting night, wish I'd made it along last year before embarking on support for Jen, it would've proved invaluable. Great to have question and answer session from past entrants/winners etc too. Very inspiring stuff. We of course ended up at bar across road ;)

Thursday i was down at State st, they have showers there so it was safe to run. Had to buy new running bag though as 1. my old one is falling apart :o( to be fair it's got a good run out of it, got it last yr from Karen & George for my birthday and i think I've worn it at least 300 days of the yr since then! 2. i had to take set of whites, a suit and pair of shes for said suit. Anyway, gt one at mountain shop place for tenner, and it was fine n dandy. Did 9.5miles down there and all staff were horrified/shocked whatever at that lol!

Actually had really good day down there, everyone was really lovely. I then changed back into running gear and ran into town to meet Phil. We had decided to go to pics and i got to pick what to see. George Clooney of course won the day, yumyum. Great film too actually, and i even got changed halfway through film hahaha
Left pics and did a mini pub crawl before heading home and ordering Chinese. Early to bed for me as up early, Phil followed soon after.Was supposed to get train to the Weej but Phil was heading to Milngavie to run a bit so he said he'd drive. we got lost of course and he eventually dropped me in a street somewhere random and i got a cab, five mins back up the road...

Spent a few hours at SQA , got some lunch and headed into the weej fr bit of shopping before heading home n train. Home, bath, chill out before getting ready for night out with Chris & Leisa and a bit of a museum reunion (my old staff) Thelma & Billy picked us up and we met everyone in Blind Poet pub where we had fair few drinks before nipping through to khushis next door. Fabulous Indian food and BYOB, with no corkage, bonza! I'd looked out some old pics f us all at Museum and passed them round table in between course, much hilarity it caused! :):)

We were last out restaurant and headed back t pub where we were also last out of!

Great night all round and so good to catch up with everyone. it's only place I've worked where quite a big crowd of us have stayed in touch ever, and that's with Chris & leis living in Canada!

Up early next day again day( biiig yaaawn) i had forgot to set alarm, mustve been drunker than i thought lol, luckily Roger txt me to see if iwas up*am now!* i said Got dressed super quick and headed to bus stop,got into town and headed to mcdonalds where igot sausage n egg mcmuffin to soak up the alcohol and a cuppa T. Today was going to be loooong day! 12 hours in a coach tour of the highlands seemed like a good idea when i booked it for Roger for his Christmas! I thought it be good for him for his photography course, he did get far few pics. Here's me just about where Fling edns! last time i was here i was with an exhausted Susan.... . We stopped off at Loch Lochy, Glencoe, Tyndrum, Inverenss and Perth on way back down. Had some awesome views>>>

If you look closely at pic below you'll see a wee speck, that's me running down a hill :)

I managed to run 3 times, once for just under mile, next for about half mile and then got 2.5 in inverness, much to the perplexment of the other passengers as i took off soon as coach stopped. They were all asking me lots of questions about what i was training for etc. There was only 10 of us on massive coach so we had loads space to move around to see views n both side etc. I was txting Phil and George to get updates on their antics (Karen, George & Phil, crazies, only decided to run the entire west highland way as a training run!!)Found out Phil had to pull out and had broke his foot, gutted for him :( Got back home at 9.30, 14hrs after setting off. Stephen made me some dinner and cup tea which i took t bed with me, ate then fell asleep til 9am next morning. Txt George to see if they getting on and fund out they were at drymen with only 12 miles t go! woooop! I know I've said this before but George & Karen are awesome and a total inspiration to me, I'm so thankful to them.

Had no plans at all today, big Bro David was coming round to watch footy and Stephen was cooking. Decided to head out for we run so did my old loop up to fairmilehead and back, 6 miles av pace 8.31 :o) chuffed i went out after all! Got back, Stephen made me tea and an egg roll and i jumped in bath just before David arrived. Rest of day was spent chilling out.


  1. Only you could run on a coach trip

  2. lol you're like a litle whirlwind running around no matter where you are. Lovely blog and love the pics :-) XX



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