Sunday, 17 January 2010

Celidh Capers

Running club ceilidh last night. Took me 2 buses hour and half to get there, i *will* join a club on other side of town from me!

I guess open toed high heels and ice snow and slush aren't too great a mix! Lovely to meet people and had good chat with lots of them. Quite a few are relaying in Fling and one is dong whole thing (blokey, cant recall his name tho!) god I'm terrible with names. One girl said to, oh, it's Sandra, i recognised the voice bu

Anyway, arrived with frozen feet, i guess open toed high heels not seen you without pigtails in lol
Had few dances, and managed to bring down the best dancer on the floor at one point by stamping on her dress with my heels! ooops! They had said to me at beginning of night they'd drop me off n morningsde as they knew buses stopped at 11 and ceilidh didn't finish til 12. They came across a bit later (after I'd felled her!) and said they were leaving early! ooops again.
Was great night, great to meet lots new people, fab to see Sarah & Gav again and we even got to dance to SClub7 once the Ceilidh finsihed! And to top it al off Gavin won a big shiny cup fr most improved runner at the club wooohoo, congratulations Gavin. Pic on left with most improved female.Pic here is me pretending i'd won!lol

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