Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Recovering sure does seem to get easier the more you run huh? After a 42 miles weekend, probably most I've ran and over tough terrain my thighs felt sore, stiff and tired on Monday. So i rested, big believer in listening to my body when it comes to rest.

Tuesday i was fine though, only did 6 miles, same again today, I'm kinda liking this Ultra training lark! Unsure as to whether to do long run this weekend, no chance of it next weekend so i should really shouldn't i? Got a ceilidh on Saturday night so i can count that as cross training, should i wear my gar min? ;)

Running to owrk this morning and my Mum popped into my head, as she often does. And a nice thought occurred to me, i get asked all the time when I'm doing race "who I'm doing it for" Meaning, which charity. I always said I'd wait til i did London before i did the whole charity thing with it being the *only* marathon that counts (in non runners eyes) But i decided that seeing the Highland fling is hardest thing I'll have ever had to do, i could easily ask people to part with money for it.

They will know i've went through blood sweat and tears quite literally to get to the end. And i WILL get to the end,i'll do it for my Mum.

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