Friday, 1 January 2010

Review> February

Started the month off by being uninvited to Roger's Dad's wedding, i had deliberately not booked by fucking Birthday party so as nt to clash with the wedding too, fuckers.

February also saw the start of a fallout, not me, Susan & Sam, all brought on by someone stirring up crap and being vicious, things never recovered, sad really. It snowed a fair bit, it always snows around my Birthday, i still ran though, nails i am ;)

I did fall once it started to disappear and it got super icy, still got scar on knee to prove it!

All this month was geared towards my party, it was all a bit last minute decision to have one and Me & jemima did a recce of pubs one night, to no avail though. Luckily Jemima was on ball and did some research and found and recced Ryrans bar by herself, what would we do without best friends?
it was fancy dress and getting the right outfit proved tricky, ordered 2 one sent back, one gave away, third one was fab, thanks to help from Susan for helping me choose :)

I was overwhelmed at my party, the effort people had gone to blew me away. I think the stress of organising it, my marriage break up, the uninvite to the wedding,etc etc got too much for me though and for the first time ever in my life, i left my own party early. Cant even remember. This seriously upset me for about a week or so, no one else seemed bothered but to me it was huge thing.

Started having issues with my foot, called Mark aka cabletow and described it, he said it could be Morton's neuroma or a stress fracture/ Went to Physio, she said same thing and i was sent for xrays, this went on for few weeks, sent for more xrays, still inconclusive, not great news at all. Had my first ever sick day in 5 years after it got so painful even to walk on it.

Started panicking when people suggested it might be connected to my back problems from last yr, luckily it was overreaction. I had had a place at FLM after deferring from yr before, this was slowly slipping away in front f my eyes,i also agreed to go on a fetchies hill run, that was also a no no. Funnily enough I'd no idea what i was agreeing to when i said id do that though, i just wanted the social thing, not *actually* running on hills or anything, i don't do silly stuff like that.

I found myself being quite calm about cancelling races etc though, weirdly enough it didn't feel anything like the stress from the year before.

Feb, was a strange month.

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