Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snowman Santa

No i'm not confused or drunk, that was what i was like when i got to work this morning! I got up at 4.30 and it was raining, faffed around and made tea, checke emails etc. Didn't have to be in til 6.30 and i'm taking it easy this week so didn't leave til 5.20. Picked up garmin from windowsill and nearly dropped it when saw blizzard and blanket of snow!

ok, Adizeros off, Roclites on. Ogff i go. 6 slow slippy miles. done.

oh my god, something weird happened yesterday on my run. I was about 3.5 miles into run and i saw this guy walking across road towards me, normally wouldn't give folk a second glance but he had woollly hat on (it wascold, no big deal) but he was covering his face with a magazine. Now this i found very odd, it was quite clear he didn't want meto see his face. This fraked me somewhat and i upped my pace a good bit and looked over shoulder to see if he was following me with a big axe. He wasn't. Clearly.

So you'd think the story ended there huh. Oh no. I listen to the radio on when i run to work, the news came on this morning and there was a report about a man flashing at women in that exact area,reports were made at 6.30>7ish ie- early morning ( i think i saw him around 6.15..)! oh my god,i must have been him! I don't know if he was flashing at me, i didn't look lol! i was too freaked out by magazine i was concentrating on his face not his bollocks!

that actually freaked me out a bit. there are loads of weirdos out there huh.

Work is better this week, i have a blokey working with me from State st (remember i mentioned that last week) anyway, he is lovely and we have a laugh so it's all good at mo :o) Having a rest day tomorrow as I've got heavy weekend ahead and I'm conscious of not tiring myself out beforehand. Mileage has already been huge this yr and i don't want to break, I'm a delicate little flower after all... ;)

I've had Roger txting me today trying to get me to meet him but i told him i was too tired, it's true though, i am kinda. I promised him I'd meet him next week. He wants answer from me after the card underwear thingy. I guess i have to bite the bullet and be brutal, it's not going to be easy. I'm effectively choosing to end my marriage, or did he do that already? I don't know, my head is all messed up with it to be honest, i couldn't need this weekend more.



  1. Whats happening this weekend?

  2. You would think perverts would wait until the warmer weather to go flashing, what with the shrinkage factor and all !

  3. oh just a quiet one in front of telly...

  4. Lol lesley
    Actually Soph freaked me out by saying they soon get bored with flashing and resort to rape! :-o

  5. He did that already, as for the flasher omg omg take deep heat spray with you and spray it on his todger ;) xxxxxx

  6. I can imagine how upset the poor guy was , their he was willy waving and your reading the cover of his mag, women so insensitive. Thinks long and hard about deep heat XX



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