Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sunshine Snow, Stephen and Something else

Weather has been like my mood this week, dark, miserable and just fuckin awful to be fair. I'd only just got used to running in my vest, seeing the beautiful sunrises and boom, clocks go forwrd and it's all fucked up. Bit like my head in General i reckon.

Work is a worry, we are pitching to keep our own contract here next week and i have this feeling of dread that they've already decided to just go for it and make a change. I know we'll have to be taken on but i dont want to work for anyone else, specially as i've found out one of other guys going for it is my old employee, fuck. I left them cause they were stressing me out!

I wish women heads could bit more like men sometimes and that we didn't get emotionally involved in situations that men can just shrug off and not give a flying fuck about. I've given up trying to understand.

With my mood being as described earlier i decided not to go to Aberdeen and do George's race, no point in making other people miserable too i reckoned!Thing is, it was making me feel even worse after making this decision. Thankfully i have very good friends in Karen, Jane and Phil and now i am heading up there as planned, party dress ready, vodka irn bru ready.

Stephen had an interview yesterday and came into work to meet me afterwards so we couldgo to Asda and get big shop done. First of all though he had to go and sign on, i told him to head up there and i'd run up and clock at least a mile to take me to 200 for the month, sad i know but it was bugging me lol

Anyway, i arrive there, go into foyer and went to walk into job centre. Got stopped by 2 security guards. "can i help you?" they said. "no thanks, i'm just here to wait on my son" i said and pointed to Stephen, who was standing looking through job screen thingy. "you'll have to ask if you can stay" they said. "eh, wtf? why? who do i ask" I was directed over to 2 people standing at podium type things like you see in the weakest link (goodbye!) with WELCOME splashed across it. "hi there, i'm just in to wait on my son, is it ok?"
"NO" the welcome people said
"eh? wtf, why not?"
"you just cant"
. So off i went to wait in Foyer.
"you cant wait there either they said, you have to wait outside"
"yes" the welcome people said.
I kinda lost plot a bit here it has to be said.
"what do you think i'm going to do, bomb the place? stab you all? jeezo, the world's gone mad!"
off i stomped and stood right at the entrance of the automatic doors to annoy them and keep them icy clod fuckin blast coming thier way.
Then a blokey walked past on his way upstairs and said to me "come inside, are you not cold? " "errm, yes, i am, but i'm not allowed to " said i
"come on in and stand by radiator" said he
I smiled sweetly at the welcome staff and the security staff and they didn't say a word. I can only presume he was a manager of some description with more than an ounce of common sense to see that me, 5 foot of nothing, wearing my running gear and pigtails was on no threat to the security staff, the welcome staff or any other random person in there!

seriously though, i know these places can be full of fuckwits and druggies etc but common sense needs to prevail sometimes. Dont give me the one rule for everyone fuckin thing or i'll come and seek out of and stab you in face! ;)

Anyway... off we go to Asda, and whilst we were loading the shopping onto conveyer belt thingyumy Stephen got a phonecall t say he'd got the job he went for. It's a training scheme in which he'll work for 6 weeks learning to do plumbing, tiling,etc to find his *niche* then he will be put into a company for 6 months with the hope of a full time contract.
Apparently the rate is high of taking them on. It's all good. He still has his other job too at the bar which he is back to next week, and he can keep that on part time. Really happy for him, he's workd really bloody hard to get a job, and i'm very proud of him.


  1. Hello flower, glad you are going to do the D33 after all. Have a blast for me please. :-)
    And don't get me started on the job centre folk, pay peanuts, employ monkeys....

  2. Good luck with the D33, take extra Vodka in case its chilly ;-)

  3. Good news re Stephen's job and doing D33. Wouldn't be the same without you x

  4. There are some real jobsworths around, and our taxes are paying their wages :(. I like your style with the automatic doors, nice one :).

  5. Hope you enjoyed the D33. Happy easter

  6. Trade if deffo the way to go, brilliant going Stephen x



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