Monday, 5 April 2010

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 1

It didn't start off to good though, was up bright and early, finshed packing, had bath & Stephen made me several cups tea. He wished me luck and hugged me and i left house in plenty time to get train. Bus takes around 20-30 mins depending on traffic and i left house at 9.30. Not sure if it was because lots people off with it being good Friday but the bus stopped at every stop, every single one and it was packed!

Upshot of it all meant bus got into town at 10.25, i grabbed case, ran down stairs and looked for platform, saw Aberdeen-platform 19 and took off looking for it, first of all ran up stairs, hmm not there, arrow pointing downstairs? eventually found it, it's a harry potter style one and saw train and jumped on, it immediately started moving. the wrong way. I panicked and said to guard, where's this train going? LONDON he said. Oh my fuckin god, I'm meant to be on Aberdeen train. Train was still on platform but moving at this point! Was told to go see train manager at FRONT of train, took me 10 mins of pushing and shoving past everyone still trying to sit down and put bags away etc before i got to his office.

Knocked on door, told him my predicament, next stop Newcastle he said.FUCK i said. So i asked him if my ticket would be re-useable, he looked at and said no, non transferable. I'd have to buy new one from Newcastle but he'd let me off with ticket to Newcastle, well geee thanks! I asked how much that would be. £84 he said, i burst int tears and walked off. Looked like i wasn't going to Aberdeen after all, it was like someone was telling me not to.

I txt Jane to let let know what was going on,as she was picking me up at Aberdeen at 1pm supposedly. Then i found a seat and sat and cried,let all my tears for horrid week I'd had out, then i stressed out for next hour and half til got to Newcastle.Got of train and checked next one back to Edinburgh, half hour to wait. Plan started to formulate in my head as i realised i didn't have to go outside barrier therefore not use/lose my ticket. In meantime Jane was searching net for me checking out prices/times etc for train to Edinburgh/Aberdeen.

I decided to get on train to Edinburgh and not buy new ticket and pretend to be asleep when guard passed, had my story ready if he woke me up *the other guard said it was ok, honest* ;) and Jane had told me it would be £26 so i was prepared to pay up if need be. I got away with it! *phew* Decided train journey to Aberdeen would be too long to risk doing it again and i got off and got new ticket. £35, not as bad as £84 quoted from Newcastle but still £35 extra on top of what I'd paid originally. (£25 return) It was 3pm by then and i realised i hadn't eaten a thing so i went off and got a kids meal at burger and forced it down.

Got on train with 2 wee bottles of wine and started to relax for first time the entire day.


  1. Taps fingers and waits for next installment. Oh no! what a start to the weekend.
    Hope your luck improved throughout the day.
    You certainly look relaxed in shanksi(s) photos.

  2. OMG, cannae believe you got on wrong train...

  3. Oh bloody hell total stress



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