Thursday, 22 April 2010

Once upon a time- Part 2

commitment made. hmm, an Ultra huh. WLSB had a think, well it's *only* 30miles she thought, just few miles over a marathon distance, just how hard can it be?

That was January 09.

WLSB carried on her life as normal, running to work, running home from work. Long runs along those long pavements at weekends, and odd race thrown in for good measure. Then suddenly she seemed to embroiled in some sort of 4some thingy. Somehow she was lured in by talk of alcohol and fun weekends with all the special people and some of the peculiar ones too.

So, on the 24th April 2009 WLSB found herself in a carpark at 6am, cheering on the special folk as they headed off to run a long way, in a strange place. Then waiting patiently for her turn. It's only a half marathon they said, its the easy part they said. 8 am, oh my god, they're off. RUN. WLSB soon realised there were hills, and tracks, and trails. It was a bit alien, she got lost 3 times, she got sunburnt, she sunk into a bog 100 metres from the relay changeover point.

she fuckin loved it

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  1. haha, brilliant - I hope you love every minute of saturday's race



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