Friday, 9 April 2010

Idiot Men and Dating

Yes, its my second blog today, so what

This dating thing. hmmm it's going to be interesting.

Since signing up for a dating site yesterday afternoon i've had 27 winks, yes, winks. FFS. Am scary on my pics too if they are scared to message me? To be fair i've had about 8 messages too, all of which went into delete bin immediatly. They can go wink themselves off.

Seriously, what is the point? Are they showing thier interest and wanting me to chase them? fuck right off, it aint gonna happen. I've been too nice for too long, i've lost faith in nice men quite frankly.

I fuckin paid for this site too!

on the other site, which is free i've had about 15 messages. One guy is very funny and sent me a pic of a kitten with it's hands up and a gun pointing to it's head, and the message was "go on a date with me or the kitten gets it!" lol I sent one back saying go ahead, i fuckin hate cats.
:o) Then he sent another with a wee puppy dog haha. Anyway, he is an artist and is only 30, i told him he was too young for me, he said i'd look good with toyboy on my arm and that i should give him a chance to charm me.

Another bloke is a Lawyer and sometime pilot (used to work for UN!) he is also very sporty and has done the caledonian challenge amogst other stuff but is now more of a cyclist, and is in training for few long races (85 miles or so) His profile does say he wants someone with no kids though, so we'll see, he did message me after all. wont hold my breath.

I've deleted about 15 messages without responding from this site. I've had gems such as *nice profile, i like your hair* yes really. Oh and * oh, wow you've ran 10 marathons? i couldn't run for a bus* hmm well dont message me then you unfit fucktard.

One charmer really riled me though, get this> "you ran 55 miles? who are you trying to kid, walked it more like" i replied> i'm not trying to kid anyone, actually* and left it at that.

message back> "yeah you mustve crawled it, i've ran plenty marathons, i ran in the commonwealth games 20yrs ago etc etc...

seriously, what a fuckin retard? I said to him, yes well i'm very happy for you, now leave me alone please. He didn't, he said oh, you think it's running finshing in 15hrs, what waste of time*

i lost plot here and said what the fuck are you talking about? who finished in 15hrs? (i didnt tell him i did it 9hrs 52, the cunt) I told him he had an inferiority complex and to leave me alone.Again.

He couldn't resist. *i've ran a 2.20 marathon blah blah blah* I said to him, did you see me quoting times for my runs?no, now fuck off and die, you clearly have a very small cock and you are ugly to boot.

jeez, if this is how it's going to be why would i bother, maybe it's best staying single. Maybe i'll just find a fuck buddy.

or a fuck off and die buddy.


  1. What a fucking loser. Hope the rest of the weekend picks up for you

  2. haha, nice rant. You *should* give that bloke a chance to charm you.

  3. I seriously laughed at unfit fucktard. ROFL, that is sheer class. :-D

  4. You will surely find someone much better than all these clowns, and when you do they will still be singletons. I have all this dating stuff to look forward to :(.

  5. count to ten and breath out slowly......x

  6. I have thought I might try one of those sites....maybe not though! They seem worse than the Wild West.

  7. I *hate* that winking site. What free one??? I will never, ever go on the one with winkers ever again, they were all utter fucktards and I didn't even meet any of them - I only lasted a week before I cancelled!! I too have lost all faith in men and can't be arsed to try and 'sell' myself. I am a little concerned that the longer I spend on my own the more I like it and the less I want anyone else to share my little world. Oh well!.



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