Monday, 26 April 2010


Not sure if i'll get round to blogging.

What i do know is that i have many wonderful true friends and a truly fabulous son.

I hate liars, and ugly people.


  1. I'm not a liar :op

    You are a truly fabulous ultra runner. wham x

  2. Sants, please blog about this weekend. I think it's one of the runs that you will really want to read back to yourself in a few years time. You did great and you've raised such an amazing amount for the hospice. xx

  3. Ha ha, that made me lol - a lot! I have just been looking at some of the photos of the WHW - totally stunning. I NEED to come back to Scotland and see some of that for myself, you are a very lucky lady. If my son turns out half as thoughtful of yours I would be very proud indeed - he is a credit to you x

  4. But we are the Beautiful Ones.



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