Monday, 26 April 2010

THe Fling- Part 1

After bouncing off walls all week i was more than ready for this. A years training would be put to the test at last.

Took Friday off As Phil wanted get up early so we could get organised. Got to Tyndrum around 2.30 where plan was to meet Soph, leave car and head back in Phils car. Soph was LATE. very. So we headed off to Good Food cafe for eats. Bumped into Murdo there and ended up helping him load the beer and move it to cottage for race, exciting stuff. Murdo's son is a bloody hoot i love him. I was left alone in room full of champagne ans wasn't sure i wanted to leave but Phil dragged me out told me I'd have to run 53 miles first, spoilsport.

Rain started coming down in buckets s we ran to car to WAIT for Soph. She eventually arrived and we loaded her stuff into Phils car and headed off back to Milngavie. She had more than i do for a weeks shopping just for her drop bags ;)

Checked into hotel and quick clean up. Called Susan to let her know we'd arrived and found out they were next door! lol Susan and Jon appeared seconds later and Phil made everyone tea, it was all very civilised. Then we all headed off for meal which lovely Karen had organised for us in same place as last yr. Gave Simon his Easter egg and few bits n bobs i knew he'd forget and met his pal Dave, lovely bloke. We had a brilliant night. I started with a aperitif of Champagne followed by 4 large glasses of wine. Simon tried and failed to get me onto the shots, clearly he had a game plan but i so wasn't buying into it :p
It didn't stop him and George tho! I was good girl though and stuck to wine. Although Karen & George kept rubbing in that THEIR hotel were giving away free wine and ours wasn't!Jen popped along to join us for wee while, not seen her in ages and it was great to see her :)

Oh i had food too obviously, lovely chicken & spinach pasta and shared garlic bread with Susan.

Usual suspects all stayed for extra drinks ;)

then it ws time to hit the sack. Actually slept quite well even with Phil snoring, and was up soon as alarm went off at 4.30, which is my normal getting up time anyway. made tea & coffee for us and got all our drop bags ready and before we knew it it was 5.15 and we were in car park! i was starting to feel a bit sick by this point, all this training, all this excitement, all my hopes pinned on this race. What if it went wrong?


  1. Has Naomi P been giving you lessons in race preparation ;).

  2. Brill so far, when the next bit?

  3. i don't snore. You do . narenarnare x

  4. Hello,

    when are we getting Part 2?

  5. had hellish week Jane, work stuff, told you about it when saw you remember? think stuff ok (hope) will try get rest done tonight...

  6. I don't know how you do it, getting up so early.



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