Friday, 9 April 2010

Not the best of weeks

But trying to stay positive.

The pitch did not go well. Simon (the MD) came in for meeting with me yesterday to go over it and he reckons they have already decided to go with another company. He also reckons it's Heritage Portfolio, my old company. Not good news, yes we get tuped over but i do not want to work for them again, i left the Museum because they were stressing me right out and i hated waking up in morning knowing i was going to work, i knew then i had to get out. I work to live not other way around and we spend a huge portion of our lives at work, you've got to enjoy it.

I love working for Simon for this company. . I told him that and asked if he had anything in pipeline ie- new contracts coming up, he said he is pitching at mo for something in Edinburgh which would suit me, so i presume he still wants to keep me, at least i'm not getting blame for losing contract (mind you, we havent heard yet!) This of course is good news, but only if he gets the contract for new place of course *stress city*

So i'm a bit in limbo at mo, i also asked him if i should look for another job, best to be straight about these things eh? He told just to wait and see what happens first.

*stress city*

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