Monday, 19 April 2010

Few things i forgot

Twice yesterday, after speaking to 2 different people they said *oh my god, you're famous!


This fuckin paid for dating ste is driving me to distraction, why would you wink at someone if you dont have a pic, what have i got to go on? you could be quasimodo for fucks sake, and probably are judging by the mingpops people who are stupid/brave enough to show thier ugly faces.

So, i've had 4 messages from this guy (with a pic) saying, hi, i'm in Edinburgh for while, txt/call me, and leaves me his mobile number

*dials number*

*not really*

Other thing is that they send *round robin* messages, that annoys me probaby more than anything, there is an option when you send message to send it to *new members* people in your area* etc not very choosy is it? And lazy, lazyfuckin twats, in fact if i get anymore i'm going to send them a message back saying just that.



  1. You are rapidly putting me off this online dating business. Now if only Fetch did dating.

  2. I think she is selling it really well.

  3. PMSL @ round robins for dating!! Hello, fancy a f**k with a stranger!! :-o Oh dear me.....

  4. LOL that's terrible. Santa, you're too good and deserve better!

  5. does your pic have you with a knife in your hand and a caption saying Hello, knife/face ,goodbye !

  6. *waves* from the tower in Notre Dame. ;o)



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