Monday, 5 April 2010

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 5

Bored yet?

well, my blog what do you expect?

Pub, station Hotel Stonehaven. Much nicer than i expected not sure why i expected a dodgy place but hey ho! There was a fight though but it was quickly brought to stop by barmaid instead of any of barmen lol! It was bloody roasting though and i think you'll see from pics hw red we all are !
Got stuck into Vodka and Irn Bru's and had great time with everyone regalling tales of the day and hearing about everyone's races. Had bit of chat with Simon and think things are cleared up wth us, i hope.

After pub some of us went to Stoney's only nightclub and got stuck into the dancing, well the girls did anyway!Some people got in an immedietly left! Dave ya Lightwieght.Some just couldn't make it :( I'll be back to live it up with the stoney massive again for sure ! There were some strange *sights* in the club which kept us amused muchly. I slapped a girl on dance floor when she kept bumping into me, she knew i was there so not like she wasn't meaning to,stupid bint, she didn't come near me again.It wasn't on face, just across arm but she got message. We bailed out of club around 2.45 hoping we'd miss mad rush for taxi but none to be seen :(

After long, well it it felt very long walk/stagger home i had some lovely blisters.Simon moaned all way that we were going long way, and Scott stuck to hs guns and guiding us with the satnav! lol I'm surely one girl who can run stupid distances, get no blisters but soon pick them up from partying aftwerwards.

Didn't get too much sleep as Simon was snoring,big time, kicking him and other stuff wasn't helping! We had bit of lie before getting txt demanding we get ur arses over to Georges for a recovery run. I patched up my bleeding (yes really) feet with Simons dinosaur and penguin plasters and off we went. I stupidly forgot my camera and i was totally gutted, Stonehaven is gorgeous and we had sme bloody amazing views! Proper Gutted!

George took us out for lovely 6 mile recovery run through forests, up and down hills down to coastline where he said "run down to castle, run up the steps, tuch the wall then turn rund and come back!" ffs We did too though. Then it down hill onto beach and back up more steep hills before heading down to hrbour and back up some gentler hills to get back to base. Brilliant tto have Flip out there running again, made me fee all warm inside! Quick shower at Andrinnes, got some compeeds from Scotty thankfully so feet patched up bit better then over to Georges where Karen had rustled up a fantastic fry up. That hit the spot completely and it was just exactly what we all needed. Fantastic hospitality from Andrinne, George & Karen, thank you all so much.

Before too long it was time to head to station to get train, hugs and kisses and farewells and we'll do it all over again in 3 weeks time.

Train journey was uneventful thankfully. ;)

Great weekend, thanks to Karen,Jane & Phil for persuading me. George did marvellous job as Race Director.

Quick summary of race
CP1 - 1.10.41
CP2-2.26 bang on!
Finish -5.06.35

Average pace of 9.20mm

Happy Days indeed.

All the Marshalls, helpers, everyone were just bloody superb, there are so many unsung heroes in this kind of thing and we wouldn't have races without them.


  1. You really are amazing sis, what a bloody time. You really do inspire me to move towards bigger and faster things, not that I'll ever catch you, you bloody whippet!

  2. You did fantastic . are you getting bored with all the trophy's yet ? you may be my other girlfriend but i'll race you good and proper next year.
    Ps , shall we do stoney half and whip round that lovely harbour after :-)

  3. Lovely blogs little lady and enjoyed those after a pee then a cup of coffee and some shortbread.XX

  4. I loved reading this.You ran superbly.

  5. Shame I missed the club but it was for the sake of my marriage!
    You should come up for the Stoney Half and we can all have a party in the outdoor pool x

  6. What a great race you had Santa, and a great (many) blog(s) afterwards. And you looked so glam at the race finish as well! Well done, fantastic stuff.



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