Sunday, 28 March 2010

Going for the Treble

Long time since I've had 3 nights out on trot!

Sukhi's wedding was ace, when we got the invite it said *evening reception* so i presumed we were invited to just the evening thing but it turns out it was just a late wedding, although it was only family at actual ceremony we arrived to a champagne reception (get in!) then through for a full sit down meal, bonza!

We just had the best laugh ever, danced all night and drank even more lol. Suhki & her Mum were showing us how to bangra dance! heehee Then i showed them how to SClub7 dance ;) Wedding finished at 1am and we were there til bitter end, then i ending up going to a club with the best man and rolled home around 3.30am

Woke up in morning and txt Jemima to see if she fancied lunch, she was on way to train station as her mum was up from Newcastle to visit her but said she'd bring her along. They were heading for walk along the canal as it was lovely day. I was going to head out for run but spent far too long doing nothing and ended up nt going.

Arrived with bottle of bubbly and J also had one plus another bottle of wine even though her Mum doesn't really drink lol! She had one glass wine we drank the rest and were last out restaurant! Back to train station to drop J's mum off then we headed to nearest pub. Quick drink and check of the footy scores (fuckin 7-1 the chelkski!boo) whilst we decided which pub to go watch footy in. Quick run up cockburn st to the Bank and got there just as it kicked off.

Why oh why do pubs have big screens, advertise football then leave the fuckin music on? why? Pisses me right off, it spoils whole atmosphere. We decided to bail from there at half time nd go to Abbey, which is my favourite football watching pub, lots screens good atmosphere, cheap drinks fab. Oh and great sharing platters, no evil mushrooms! yaays.

Was great to catch up, we had great laugh, put the wrold to rights & talked lots about men! I've decided Jemima is definitely a Morph fan ;) whereas I'm more of a powerangers girl. lol

Had the best day.

If carslberg made Saturdays......

Today i was going to run, but CBA.Maybe this is the new me, no more running.


  1. Rest weekends are allowed. Mushrooms are not only evil they smell foul and taste icky :-)

  2. Lol no more runnign I can't see that but what a bloody fantastic weekend, you are allowed to not run you know hun xxxxx huggles x

  3. No more running my arse!! Sounds like a lovely weekend little lady :-) XX

  4. seafood and mushroom pie before you stop running my love.



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