Monday, 5 April 2010

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 4

So, now it waiting game watching for folk coming in, cheering, drinking beer, etc and freezing our arses off! Great cheering folk in and seeing their happy faces, loved it, worried all over again when people coming in before Simon that i didn't expect to but he wasn't too far behind.

This pic of Vicky finshing and getting hug from George sums up entire race i thnk.

Race Director extraordinaire George suddenly announced that seeing all his prize winners were in that he'd have the presentation so people could get moving. I got camera ready as i knew Anna had got 3 rd female.Actually i've just looked through my pics and i have none! Maybe in my excitement i hadn't turned it n or something? ffs what n absolute muppet! Still least we were there to shout and clap and whoop! :) Mags also got trophy, great t see fetchies *on podium* lol

Suddenly George read my name out, oh my fuckin god, i'd won! My 2nd ever trophy! I kinda though the first one I'd got was bit of fluke, and maybe i was just lucky that it's small field but hey, i won a trophy! It's sooo made for me too, custom made I'd say.

Nearly everyone was in except Iain and because we were all starting t g blue and shake we decided to head up to pub to warm up a bit. Iain appeared not too long afterwards and didn't seem too upset with us, at least Vicky and his inlaws and plenty others were there to still cheer him in.

Bubbly and hot pies in pub , perfect. Stayed there for while and once George & Karen arrived we made decision to get home, get cleaned up and order fish n chips., perfect again! Fish n chips n beer and good company and off we went to the pub.....


  1. Brilliant blogging as per usual. Congratulations on your well deserved trophy.

  2. It is a great pic, and now my fb profile pic. It was great to see you get your trophy and Mags and Anna too. Iain didn't mind what anyone was doing he was just so glad to finish I think!

  3. No, I wouldn't have wanted to wait around for me either ;). Well done, Sandra. You rocked!



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