Thursday, 22 April 2010

Once upon a time

there was a loud wee scottish blonde who kinda fell into running somehow.She ending up running lots of races, from 5k's to marathons meeting up with some very peculiar people on the way.

2 such peculiar people were George aka Loon Dod & Karen aka Lintie. Now the wee loud scottish blonde( lets call her WLSB for short) got on very well with said G&K, so much so that G offered to pace her at Lochaber marathon one day. He had apparently done some mad race the day before, and was in area anyway....

WLSB used to think that G&K were "unique" and a bit "special" Not only did they run an awfully long way, they liked hills n stuff. And mud, and cows,and streams and tree roots. Get my drift? *special*

WLSB said to them on many an occasion "you're all fuckin mental, you'd never get me up a hill/mountain/trail" ... take your pick. I'm a road runner, i like my roads, i like it, leave me alone you bunch of freakoids. So they did, they carried on running crazy things with other crazy people and occasionally they'd do normal stuff and we'd meet up and get drunk.

Now one day WLSB got her passport and headed off down to engerlundshire, to a place called Londonium or something.The reason was for Debbie aka roobarb's birthday party, and whilst she was down in foriegn lands, she decided to meet upwith Jenj. After spending 30 mins in (very bashed up and bandaged) Jenj's company, WLSB had agreed to run an ultra. In the South Downs. No roady things and some hills were mentioned.

It all went downhill from there.......



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