Monday, 5 April 2010

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter -part 2

I settled down drank my wine and just tried to enjoy the journey as it really is quite a pleasant one, i tried t forget I'd been on the go the entire day and stressed out my mind as i really didn't want it to spoil my race, nt best race prep. Bloody inspector didn't come round t check tickets til Stonehaven, i just ignored him in my fury by then lol!

Got off train to found a very smiley Jane, got much needed hug and her lovely hubby was waiting in car for us. Whisked off to lovey restaurant where we had super meal and some champers, finally the day was getting better. We decided not to head to stoney to meet everyone for drnk as i'd had enough traveling for one day and Jane's hubby was heading off to Far East very early in morning s early night planned for us all. Back to Jane's lovely big House and more champagne was had and i was tucked up in bed by 10.30pm where i slept extremely soundly and comfortably.
thank you Jane for looking after me so wonderfully :)
Got up, had 2 pints of tea and 2 slices of toast and before we knew it Claire arrived to pick us up, lovely to meet her at long last!


  1. I'm glad Jane and hubby could help you have a nice relaxing evening. :-)

  2. Champers is always teh cure xxx



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