Friday, 16 April 2010

Taper, Taper

oh for fucks sake. If i hear the word taper once more...

So i've ran everyday this week, shoot me. I wont run home (maybe) and i wont run tomorrow cause i'm going out for a drunken girly lunch, that'll put a stop to it. Probably not best prep for Half Marathon next day but when do i ever do things by the book?

I will only run until wednesday next week and give myself 2 whole days off. 2. whole.days. Arranging day off for Friday as Phil wants to get up to mullguy ;) early to get our logistics sorted.

Poor Nick, he lurks on that Highland fling thread like the boy not invited to the party, he is contemplating a 30miler taper run day before that londonium race he is so gutted lol

Datewatch> Artist still *there* 2 more requests for no string sex from mingpops lots of winkers, few wee chats from other runners but all older, good to chat, not to date. And one *interesting* one, i'll leave it there for now....


  1. You two run to the beat of your own drums and it's always worked in the past. Stick to what you want to do and fuck em all

  2. I never go to party's anyway sis. Only the 20 miles today but I have decided that I am going to do 15 on friday night just to be a rebel and piss all my club members off! They really think I have lost the plot after 20 today and me blogging about how underwhelmed I am!!

  3. I'm afraid tapering is so important in getting you fit for race day. Give us a shout for any advice. Sadly I can't help you with dating, I may need to give you a shout on that score.



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