Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Thighs of steel

I was going to run home today but my thighs are aching big time. Last time they were this sore was when me & Simon spent 2 entire days in bed! lol

Too much info? sorry. Reason they are sore is that i've started doing my squats again.Because i've got a half on Sunday i was looking back to what training i was doing when i got my Pb, which is over a yr old now btw! I missed out atGlasgow by 10 measly seconds. Anyway, i had a gander and i was doing loads of squats, if i recall it was on my physio's orders. I was just back from the long back injury and squats were helping. So i'm doing it again, 100 a day at least. Mainly in lift at work :)

Also got ball back out cupboard and doing my weights again as my arms are bloody awful and need toning up quite frankly.

Thinking of decorating, i was going to do it myself as i quite enjoy it but i'm bit rubbish and tend to rush it so i've asked Stephen to ask one of his pals to give me quote for doing hall, my bedroom and perhaps the living room, not sure. Be good to start afresh methinks. Talking of which getting haircut on friday its badly needed.

Dating update time > I've told the Artist it's not going to happen, that i don't feel i have the spark etc, he says I'm being stupid and should give him proper chance to charm me. I have a 26 yr old chatting me up on another site. Nothing against younger men but 26?errm no. No Jemima, I'm not before you say it, just cause you're going out with schoolboy :p

Saying that, all these messages I'm getting from guys my age or even younger, omg. Have they all had a hard life? they look so OLD , yeah i know, i cant have it both ways but jeeez, be like going out with my uncle ffs. In my head I'm still 18 you see, i know i don't look 18 but i neither do i look frigging 65 like some of these blokes lol mingpops. At least one one site i can *manage* who i get messages from ie- ban anyone without a pic and over 45 lol but on other one I've had fuckin 65 yr old paedophile lookalikes mailing me, i have actually spat my tea out when opening the mail!

over and out.


  1. Mingpop...that just made my day. Good luck w/ the decorating I've had paint under the pool table for the entire house for a bloody year !
    Finally, squats are the work of Satan, guess I'll have to settle for thighs of tin foil :-)

  2. I love decorating Santa, if i had time i'd come do it for you. Get a quote from Soph, she's a dab hand at diy!!
    See you next week little lady.X

  3. Oh gosh. 'mingpops' is *the* most funny word.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. we are both cused to look young and beautiful forever lass. Bit like vampires we take our young suitors.... Get used to it , there's nowt we can do about it pet.

    and ...what did susan say . :-)

  6. I said the same thing twice because I can't effing use googlemail. I have about 12 accounts, ffs.

  7. Karen i love decorating too, i'm just not *that* great at it. Stephens pal is an apprentice painter n decorator, i'll get it cheap and it'll look good.

  8. I am the worlds worst decorater and DIY man.



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