Thursday, 22 April 2010

Once Upon a time - Part 3

So much so that even though she was running it in the bare minimilist lightweight racing shoes, she supported Susan on the last 12.5 miles, covering marathon distance over that glorious terrain.

Life was never to be quite the same again.

trail shoes were bought one week later, and a few days after that WLSB set off on another adventure, up those hills, the ones she'd been up many a time as a child but never as an adult. Up there to run, to explore to find places she never knew existed on her doorstep, to stare at the views, to swear a fuckin lot.

More crazy stuff followed. Cairngorms, mountain running, bastard races, hills, mud, bogs, trails, Ultras, drinking, laughing, loving every minute.

Wher did it all go right?

So here sits WLSB, one year on.About to embark on the one race that changed her life, which means so so much to her having already raised over £1800 For Marie Curie Cancer care in memory of her beloved Mum.

She is sitting drinking the bottle of bubbly given to her last year when she crossed the line. This is for you Mum.



  1. A very remarkable year for one so small yet loud. Good luck, not that you'll need it. Go keeeel it !

  2. Lovely blog (in 3 parts). I just know you are going to have such a great time tomorrow. xx



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