Monday, 12 April 2010

Champagne Sunshine & Winkers

The world is full of winkers, i don't even bother checking their profiles anymore, i just delete, if they cant be bothered to message me then they can go whistle.

I've been having a think about this whole dating thing and i know I'm a right fussy cow.The Artist is still actively pursuing me and begging me for a date, i've told him again he is too young. And to be honest, i just don't fancy him. Someone said to me that that kind of thing can grow, i disagree, I've got to have that attraction right away. I was attracted to Roger right away, and to Simon. I'm not going to start lowering my standards as quite frankly I'm not that desperate, unlike some folk, who'll throw themselves at any man that will have them.

Something Simon said to me other day that made think about what i do actually want. He wants to settle down and have kids, so clearly me & him were never going to last, I've kinda got used to having house pretty much to myself and do my own thing without worrying about anyone else. Maybe i don't actually want a boyfriend? Maybe that's why the people i actually have chosen to message back are ones who live far away. If i just wanted anyone i could have Roger back tomorrow. And i don't.


Friday, Soph was in town and asked what time i finished, i said I'd be done by 2ish so she said she'd come meet me and we could go for drink. She eventually turned up at friggin 4 pm, i was going to kick her heed in.We headed off to Tigerlilly where i drank lots of big glasses wine then we headed back to mine for a Chinese and i had lots of big glasses vodka. lol Soph went off home, i had more vodka then staggered off to bed.
Something happened at weekend that really riled me, i know i shouldn't let stupid things bother me but i do. Had long chat with Phil about it and he calmed me down, like he always does. Everyone should a Phil in their lives really. I always have a smile (and a hot ear, by god he can talk) by time I'm off phone to Phil :)

Did 8.5 glorious miles down to Musselburgh on Saturday, cracking run it was, just great. Arrived at Linda & Graeme's and was handed glass of bubbly. Watched grand national (didn't win) then went off for shower before dinner. Fabulous dinner as always with lots more bubbly, as ever. Wonderful hosts they are. After we'd trashed several bottles (Graeme went onto to red, i stuck to bubbles) we headed off for pub. Had great night, wee pub crawl then back for even more bubbly lol Had bit of lie in and didn't get up til gone 9! Then we went out for nice big fry up followed by walk along the beach to soak up the sunshine.

Got home around 4ish and just chilled for rest day. Was tempted to go out and run but i'm trying to be kinda sensible. I was really well rested due to my calf problems before the GEDM and i think it did me world of good. Got Chris Hoy half marathon this weekend then Fling next again, I've not trained this entire year to mess things up now.

Meeting Jemima next Saturday for lunch, she said she'd booked for 12 to maximise drinking time lol, i love that girl.


  1. You made me giggle out loud with the datey site blogs below. :-) X

  2. Hurray for good friends to listen to you and drink bubbles with. And yes he can talk :-)



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