Monday, 19 April 2010

Drunken Disasters & Fabulous Fetchies

Got my haircut Friday night, i implied on facebook that I'd got it cut short but Susan had me well sussed. Just a trim, I'm not that brave.

Quiet night Friday and awake by 6am ffs, one day i'll get a lie in. Got up about 7 and after mucho faffing around i ended up rushing around to get to town for 12! Linda phone whilst i was on bus in panic saying there was no table booked, Jemima arrived 5 mins later and sorted it, don't mess with Jemima!Lovely lunch was had and Linda kept pouring her drink into mine & J's as she had eye test at 2pm. So 3 bottles bubbly were soon demolished. Linda went off to appt, me & J headed off towards George St because... i had a date :-o

I alluded to it in last blog but didn't want to jinx it. Didn't have to, did that all by myself lol . Got to Tempus bar and Jemima ordered champagne cocktails and we sat outside in sunshine. I was to meet my date (Matt) in pub across road at 3.30, so we had half hour to spare. He'd already txt me earlier to check i was still meeting him so all looking good. First good looking bloke that i've had message from and seemed normal etc so i thought i'd give him a chance!

So i got txt from him around 3.20 to ask if there was anywhere outside we could go, seeing it was nice day. I txt back to say i was actually already sitting outside and to just come to Tempus instead. He said "how many are there of you?" i said 2, meaning me & Jemima (he knew i was meeting the girls for lunch)Jemima was leaving soon as he arrived. If i'd been meeting at le Mond like were meant to we've have finished drinks, and i'd have gone over. So 20 mins later , no sign of Matt, i txt him asking if he'd stood me up. He said *technically yes, but really, no" wtf?

He was pissed off cause Jemima was there, now i know it's not the done thing to take your plan along on dates, but he was one who changed goalposts, i was heading to meet him on my own for fucks sake. Next thing Linda & Graeme appear! lol, so now there was 4 of us, i hoped to god Matt wasn't watching from across st at this point, you couldn't make it up .

Graeme bought another bottle of champagne and we sat there as i told them the story re- non first date happenings. I txt Matt asking if he still wanted to meet and we eventually agreed on a place. By this time i was bit pished to be honest, and a bit fucked off. Jemima said not to go as he was clearly a cunt hahaha but i said i should give it a shot, nothing ventured etc...

I arrived and met him as planned, he said he'd had few nightmares re- dating and had folk turn up with pals, someone threw a bottle at him when he said he was leaving and few other amusing stories. After 2 more glasses of wine i was pished and said i was going home, he actually was astounded i was doing half marathon in morning. I also think he was pissed off cause i said i was going home, but he didn't throw a bottle at me at least. He did say we should meet when I'm sober. I've not bothered txting him, i cant be arsed to be honest.

Got home and made myself an egg roll, spoke to Lynn who was picking me up in morning, she said her & Kev were coming for me at 7am *gulp* That's' pretty much all i can remember of phone call tbh. I went on fetch and was told to go to bed by alarmed fetchies who knew i was racing. So i did.

Woke up about 6 ish again and got up about 6.30, I'd nothing ready at all , great race prep! Got pint tea and had some toast and got dressed. Weather was fine when i woke up and bloody awful by time Lyn & Kev arrived. Rain, sideways, windy, freezing. Great stuff for run along coast! As ever it was fabulous fetchfest and after skulking inside for as long as we could taking piss out of Andy and everyone else for their Pikey handwritten numbers we were ushered outside into the cold. And off we went.

I had said to myself that I'd try and PB and if it felt like too much effort I'd take foot of pedal and just enjoy it. It felt fine, i decided to go with flow.Linda was out cheering on Harbour, then wee bit further along were Lucy & Christina with the mini fetchpoint, oh and Tigger too! Great to see them and get much needed cheer. As per usual i properly kicked in around mile 9 and started overtaking folk then. Heading into prestonpans was a killer, the wind and rain in face was just baltic, bloody hate being so cold. At least at this point it was good to see folk passing us on way back, first up was Chris who was running a storming race! then it was spot the fetchie/harmeny runner, i shouted and high fived wherever i could and loved it! At the turnaround i was happy to find wind behind us and i had a huge burst of energy. My last 3 miles were fastest of entire race. Was delighted to see Gavin on course, lovely surprise. I ran towards him to high five but missed and didn't want to stop, i was flying at that point. My middle miles let me down and my slowest few were 8.10, i knew i had bit of making up to do if i was to PB.

I crossed line and my garmin said 1.44.57 but then i realised I'd stupidly stopped it whilst i stopped to tie my lace, stupid boot that i am. So i reckoned i'd be over the 1.45 pooop. i was, official time of 1.45.07. Still a PB but the shoe lace incident stopped the sub 1.45. och well. Cant complain on that after the shenanigans from previous day to be honest!

Some bloody marvellous results from fetchies, Kev doing his first half and getting sub 2, awesome stuff, only 6 months ago he was terrified doing our *unofficial* 10k! We waited til everyone was in and headed to pub. Feels like ages since I've seen all the Boro folks and it was great as ever to catch up, some great banter in pub but would you believe they'd ran out of vodka! lol srsly. the one pub in Musselburgh we end up had no friggin vodka.

Got lift home from Lyn & Kev and did pretty much nothing for rest of day, bloody knackered.

No running today, short route to work Tue & Wed then complete rest.

Bring on the weekend.


  1. Fantastic run yesterday lass, bums to missing the 1:45... Beginner error as I call it for the lace coming undone! ;-)
    LoL @ the date shenanigans, you are a tricky customer. :-D You'll find a good un soon. xxx

  2. Not your bloody lace undone AGAIN!!
    Funny blog :-) X



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