Monday, 5 April 2010

D33 Weekend of tears & laughter- Part 3

Short drive to Duthie park and we walk down to registration where it was a hugathon with lots of familiar faces around, this was going to be great, so many people i knew doing this race and great to see everyone. Hadn't heard word from Simon for days so had idea if he was even in Aberdeen or not but he arrived just as i was registering.

Before too long it was time to get started , George gave a wee talk, we clapped and cheered and suddenly we were off!

I actually had a plan of sorts in my head (yes Jules, a plan!) and i also had a target time of between 5hrs and 5hrs 15, thinking more likely to be 5.15 though.

Alan the lurker suddenly appeared from behind me at about mile6 and i was surprised he was behind, i heard him singing Santababy before he even got to me lol, wasn't long before he was off though even though he was *feeling ill* lol
Had chat with another newish fetchie (at end of day* hs name was but he also took off.
I had my ipod on but low enough to chat to folk if they around but i was think mostly on my own.Passed water station to find 2 smiley fetchies shouting encouragement, this is a great boost in races, seeing people you know and having good Marshall's. Got to abut mile 14 perhaps? and car stopped across road and George jumped out, ran across road, picked me up in big bear hug and gave me kiss!Few mile up from there Flip appeared on bike, wooop, anther unexpected bonus Didn't expect to see either of them so was another great boost. Few miles away from checkpoint i started seeing everyone coming back, i was getting high fives from everyone (well, nearly everyone!) and got i shouted well done t everyone else who passed. Was expecting to see Simon with Scott & Andy and got bt concerned when didn't see him for while , eventually he passed me saying he was struggling. (and not high fivng me) Got to halfway >>>>>>>>>
bang on schedule (see, a plan Jules) and i whipped off my long sleeved top and changed into vest as i was boiling hot.

Got a comment at halfway about me having no vodka and i said I'd forgot it after day from hell day before! booo och well. Loved running back out and knowing the chase was on now.

at around 19.75 miles i could see Simon in distance, that pink top is so distinctive:)was very surprised to see him and knew he must've been struggling for me to catch him :( Caught him up bang on 20miles just as my garmin beeped at me. I walked for wee bit with him and he said he was having a mare of a day, i was feeling great though and soon took off again leaving him behind, i remember saying, only half marathon to go! I did feel guilty though i kept thinking i should turn back and slow down and see how he was. I didn't though, was on a mission by that point. I wanted to get to Marathon distance by 4hrs at least, 3.57 would've been even better as it would've been PB but it wasn't to be, got there at BANG ON 4hrs! wooop!

OK, dig deep time. 8 miles to go. I started n a countdown, and kept saying 8, 8, 8, beeep! 7,7 , 7 beeep, my garmin was keeping me going , i tried not to look at at too much unless i though i was slowing down, funnily enough everytime i thought i had it was opposite, i must've been in * the zone* or something lol Saw a fetch shirt in distance and realised t could only be Chris,he went off like rocket and i really didnt expect to catch him, specially after storming run last weekend. But i did catch him after a half mile or so chase and had quick chat, he said he'd gone off too fast and said he'd let me beat hm again lol A gilr passed me just before this and took a gel, i was surpised and more than a bit appalled when she just flippantly chucked wrapper away! ffs, not eactly heavy to pop into your bag and carry for rest of race, i was furious and i know i shoulve said something but i didn't want punch in face or anything ;)
Mags caught me with 4 miles to go and took off and i vowed to keep her in my sights, she started passing folk so i did too and that kept the pace for last few miles. Beep, 3 miles to go, 2, oh my god, one mile to go! Suddenly i saw the greenhouses at edge of duthie park and took ff like a loony running as fast as my tired legs would take me, down the fabulously downhill finish to big cheers and massive hugs! my last mile was 7.52 pace! :-o
Got my medal :o) Special HappyDays D33 Beer and a lovely cold beer to drink, here i am enjoying it with Andy, Scott & Mags
5 hours 6 Min's and 35sec. I was 42nd overall, 10th Lady and 3rd in my age category. I even got a trophy.

Happy Days indeed.


  1. I can never get over how refreshed you always look after such long distances. Well done

  2. maybe it means i dont try hard enough though Lesley!

  3. You were brilliant - and the trophy was *so* well deserved.

  4. Brilliant running Sandra :)



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