Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Thank you's

Who needs the Oscars when you've got the Santa's eh?

ooh where to start?I guess i have to start with Karen & George, it's all their fault you know....
All those good luck messages i got in the morning, you all know who you are, was a great boost. Phil ,complete star. Gutted not to be running with poorly wee foot but still up for supporting, and what a fabulous job he did, driving us around, popping up in random places with his cheery smile and hugs and just knowing what to say and when to say it. You're fabulous, i love you.

Alan who I'd almost forgotten about appeared with his family, extra drinks and food etc and ran with me til Linlithgow, i didn't even notice those miles ticking by, thanks!

Soph, who kept me going those last 23 miles and bits in between too. She didn't even do a mental soph spazzy shouty thing at me, she sang with me and danced with me and ran with me. She tried to kill me too though lets not forget..... Thanks you Soph, i cant say it enough.

Every single person who responded to my thread on fetch to come and support, oh my god you were are brilliant.What it mean to see smiley familiar faces when we least expected it was just great, and you all went that extra mile,Scott, Lucy, Michael, Ian, Lorraine, Dave,Norma, Dougall, Gavin going the extra 20 or so cause he was on bike lol :)

thank you :)


  1. lol at oscars :-) keep those happy thoughts of the race to take you through the next ultra, and the next, and the next and the............. XX

  2. worth waiting for ;) You are indeed one amazing superduperultrasantababy, you rock :) x

  3. Do I get a gold trophy? LMAO. No thanks required Sants, it was great fun. And I only do the Soph 'spazz' shout at myself. :-p
    Phil was a star running about getting stuff sorted and picking me up, thanks Phil. :-)
    And Gav was really fab. :-)
    But, you did all the hard work gal. xx

  4. absolutely fantastic you done so brilliantly, congratulations on a massive achievement and fab blog:-)

  5. Well done on a fantastic run. You should be proud of what you have achieved.



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