Monday, 22 March 2010

Shaking it up

ran to work everyday last week,and couple times home again. wasn't a conscious decision, i just felt like it.

Saturday i got up and put on running clothes and made the error of turning on pc and playing bejewelled, fetching, face booking etc and i realised i had no time to run after all. Clothes off, bath run and time to get ready for hen party.

Had to be in George st for 2pm, so there i was standing at bus stop at 1.15 in afternoon dressed to nines getting odd looks from everyone at bus stop and peeped at by several cars. It was then that i realised i hadn't eaten, not a sausage, not anything actually. ooops.

Got to Living room and most folk were there, and sitting drinking water wtf! Apparently the barman had put large jugs water out and poured glasses for us so we could sip it in between cocktails. whatever!

I ordered large glass wine.

We waited on few more arriving before the barman started making cocktails and talking us through them, i heckled him a bit and he kept getting red face haha Kim fancied him so it was my job to find out how old he was, his name etc etc. (22, cant remember name but single) Suhki (bride to be) was hauled behind bar first to make some strawberry daiquiris then i demanded some french martinis so he made me make them :)

(rest of pics on facebook)

I drank all the ones no one liked, even the ones i didn't like lol. We ended on champagne cocktails which is right up my street, obv! Had few drinks at bar before heading through for dinner, which was superb, but to be honest i'd have eaten the table by then, it was about 5 o clock and only thing i'd eaten was a strawberry from the strawberry daiquiri! Wine with dinner of course...

after dinner moved through to private area for few more drinks before deciding to head to the 3 sisters where we danced our socks off from minute we arrived. DJ was great and kept the cheesy music playing non stop.

After getting groped once too many by various rugby fans i decided to call it a night around 10.30ish as i was a. drunk b. knackered c.had blisters!

Home and in bed by 11.30, top day all round, cant wait for wedding on Friday. Was rudely awoken by house phone @ 4.30am :-o Kelly, looking for Stephen, then Stephen asking me if i was going downstairs, errm no its fuckin half 4 I'm going back to bed, oh can you just go let Kelly in as her pal was just dropping her off. I'm too nice i am!

Sunday i was awake around 8ish, got up about half hr later , cup of tea then headed out for run. Plan was for 6mile loop but the weather was gorgeous and i was having the best time! Ended up doing just short of 13miles, best run I've had in ages, just loved every minute of it. Stopped off and picked up papers and rolls and after call from Stephen to check where i was got home to Stephen & Kelly cooking brekkie for me/us.

Then it was a big footy fest of Manutd Game then Chelski game, which i watched whilst making lasagne, domestic goddess that i am. Just ran a bath and jumped in and Simon phoned, had to jump out bath and grab phone and nearly dropped it in bath! He was out doing a bloody 30mile race, on a whim! He did moan quite a bit mind you. lolAnd he only got a bloody certificate for his efforts, i'd be well pissed off for sure.

So all in all a top weekend, all over too quickly!

Ran to work today,was really dark when i first left as it ha been raining so i wore jacket, but too kit off within half mile, was boiling! Fraser at work said to me " i take a few days of work and i friggin see you all weekend on telly!" lol 3 other people stopped me today to say they'd saw me too, mustve been repeated?

Its tough this celeb lark...

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  1. Certificates are great, much easier to frame than medals!!



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