Sunday, 14 March 2010

Feeling Blue

Since i woke up this morning so i got myself organised and headed off to Cemetery, stopping off to buy flowers, lovely mixed bunch and some daffies, my Mum loved daffodils :)

Gorgeous day out there. I took a few detours and a wee trip down memory lane by running out by my old primary school, i got told recently they'd knocked it down. Made me sad to see it, i cant believe how small the space looks! It was only a wee school anyway, with about 150 pupils but it just looks so tiny. I guess i was super tiny at primary, yeah i know I'm not much bigger now before you al start but i was really small then ok!

They've built a new school and it's now joined with another local school ,good to see Catholic & Protestant schools mixing but i reckon if they're going to do it, they should do it properly and have them ll doing classes etc together, they still basically have separate schools but just share a building, whats the point? Ran past and down past my old church, i maybe shouldve popped in and lit a candle for Mum, but she wasn't a catholic and might haunt me or something, my Dad was though but hey ho, i didn't.

Cemetery is on a Hill and if there is even a slight wind it's freezing, although it's beautiful sunny day still had that chill there. Grave looks lovely now and left feeling much brighter. Decided on few detours on way home and with the help of Simon (Le Bon, not Bonell) ended up doing 11 miles.

Stopped off to get papers and man in shop asked if I'd been cycling, no I've been running i said. How far he asked, oh just 11 miles i said. He was astounded, asked how long it had taken me etc and was well impressed. Amazing how we can be so flippant about just 11 miles now, i think it's something we need to be careful or doing especially to new runners. I never thought I'd be a proper runner, never mind an Ultra runner, crikey, i'm an Ultra runner. It Feels good

Mum would be very proud


  1. Sounds like a lovely run Sants. LoL @ 11miles seeming like chicken feed. When I was in the hairdressers yesterday, they were asking me how far I'd done this week and I said 48. They all nearly had coronaries at the thought... It's a question of perspective though I guess. :-)

  2. I'm sure your mum would be very proud. You're not just an ultra runner, but an ultra nice person too.

  3. I think your mum would be very proud.

  4. Nice one Sandra and stop feeling blue.X

  5. Thank you for remembering us little novices :-)



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