Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The afters

few gulps of my drinks, got my goody bag, put medal on and started shivering, straight into cargo to warm up. Got my bag together and started getting txts almost immediately without even texting folk! lol Fetch is a wonderful thing.

Headed off to toilets to get changed into my red dress & heels to feel normal again. Soph to the rescue as ever with wet wipes as i forgot to bring towel, i am a numpty! Hair was depigtailed and dried straight and i left toilets looking a new person, and feeling it too. Feet were teeny bit sore but few more drinks and i was hitting the dance floor with Phil!
We did keep running out pub every time we thought someone was coming in though lol and it wasn't long before Chris was back, then it was Jane looking tired but happy and very very cold. Every time another runner came in there was more fetchies to go who'd been acting as support, it was amazing! I was still high as kite on adrenalin! drinks all round, smiles, hugs, more dancing, more drinking, you get the drift! Poor Simon was poorly and suffering big time with manflu and wasn't quite his boisterous mischievous self.

After getting updates from Lorraine & Ian we knew Claire was getting nearby so off we all went outside again, but we went just a bit too soon and i spent at least 15 mins shouting claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaire hurrrrry up whilst holding finishing line (they'd dismantled the arch thingy by then) before too long though we saw lights in distance and she was home n dry and bloody exhausted. Our job here was done!

Back inside pub and there was much *discussions* about whether to go eat or not, i wanted to head home with sickboy but Phil, Anna and Claire wanted to go out and eat. In the end phil persuaded sickboy to his way of thinking and i had no choice but to go with flow lol

Actually really glad we did, mind you i couldn't even eat half of it, i just wasn't that hungry, but it was gorgeous. so they packaged the rest up for me and i took it home with me, bless. They asked us if we'd just ran the race (the medals were perhaps a giveaway) and we all got glass of bubbly each! bonza!

Thing is, Claire was asleep on table, Phil was drinking the wine with Anna, Simon was being a sickboy so no one wanted theirs. I had to drink 5 glasses by myself. That was after all the vodka, wine and champagne id had in cargo too btw!

Apparently i was a bit loud in taxi on way home.....


  1. I can't ever imagine you being loud.

  2. How do you always manage to look so bloody glamorous and gorgeous after everything you do ? And from what Phil tells me I don't believe you could ever be loud :-)

  3. You really are a remarkable human being (very scary but remarkable) :o)

  4. ... I think I was snoring ;-)



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