Friday, 19 March 2010

Form an orderly line

if you want my autograph ... ;) On Wednesday i end up on front page of fetch as a fetchpoint legend lol!Then on Thursday the final part of Eddie's programme is shown and you can see me first of all clambering up Arthur's seat near the start of show then later on with Phil , Mike and molly the dog and his owner (why do i keep forgetting his name!)oh yeah, and frank skinner!


I'm expecting a call from Hiya! magazine any day now, clearly they'll want pics of me relaxing in my palatial mansion and drinking champagne(nowTHAT i can do)

Been a funny old week, Stephen is getting around fine on his crutches but is trying not to take the drugs (diazapam!) as he said it makes him loopy (ier) lol My nephew also ended up in hospital because of football and is also now on crutches ffs hope it's not running into the "things happen in three's" scenario, as I'm out partying tomorrow

And when i say tomorrow, that's what i mean. Hen party, starting at 2pm! We're going to sex in the city themed thingy, we get to learn how to make our own cocktails (like i don't know!!lol) and clearly we get to drink them all too. We have dinner there too, i'll probably fall face first into my main course after too many cocktails hahaha

Dress code is cocktail dress, clearly. Not decided what to wear as yet, got plenty ot choose from, me being a celeb and going to all these premiere's n whatnot... ;)

Getting haircut tonight!


  1. Great photos Sandra, it was funny seeing folk I've met on the telly! You looked great x

  2. We're going to download it this weekend and see how fat Phil thinks he looks LOL

  3. Lovely pictures, and I hope you agreed to give Eddie your autograph ;).
    Go easy on that haircut.

  4. Any chance of a 'best supporting Fetchie' award for background appearance in the first snap please?



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