Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Loving it, loving it, loving it

Bought a new backpack at last yesterday! My poor wee current which George & Karen got me for birthday last yr was quite literally falling off my back but it's done me a great service as I've worn it to work nearly every day. Got myself a deuter lite one after recommendations from Scotty,Phil & Gav have one also so I'm in good company ;)

Ran with it this morning and had great run so clearly it has healing calf qualities as well as super turbo charge as it was my fastest run in ages! Wooop, makes things look a tad brighter for Saturday's monster race.

Another lovely morning here and i ran without my jacket on for first time in long time. It's funny in this 5am world of mine, although there arent many people around, apart from odd crazy dog, flashers etc obv, there are always the regulars too. Passed a guy who delivers papers to Tesco, he shouted a cheery good morning and said *good to see back in training!* bless, he mustve missed me! Lovely full Moon again this morning which was very low in sky again by time i was in meadows.

Another lovely day. s'all good.

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