Monday, 1 March 2010

Dinner,Virus's, Dancing ,Balls and Fame

Stephen came into work to meet me on Friday and we got bus home together, the crazy singing woman got on and i pointed her out to Stephen and told him story (see few blogs back) and said "bet she'll sing again" Stephen wasn't convinced, she seemed quite content digging into her donut. But before long the donut was gone and she started! Stephen cracked up which just cracked me up, and rest of bus was just shaking with laughter. She was really going for it this time. Mucho hilarity.

Got home and Soph soon appeared to try and fix my PC. Felt really bad as i had pre-arrangement to meet Jane for dinner and had to leave Soph working on it :( *guilt guilt guilt*

Weather was truly bloody awful on Friday night, sideways horrid sleety snow, baltic and windy to boot, there aren't many people i'd venture out in that for! Met Jane & her hubby in Bollinger bar for few drinks then we headed through for dinner. Cant possibly meet Jane and not have champagne so i had Kir Royale while Jane had a Bellini followed by much more wine and a fabulous meal. We were joined wee while later by Jane's brother in law who was just lovely. We then went back through to bar for more drinks and before long it was 1am and time to head home. Many thanks to Jane & Alan for a fabulous evening.

Got home and poked head round door to find Soph fast asleep bless her so off i staggered to bed. Soph woke me up in morning and i had a chat with her which i can only remember bits off to be honest, think i mustve still be drunk. There was no snow when i arrived home but by 6am there was shitloads! it was blizzard city so Soph decided best bet would be to head off with PC and go and bury it deep in a garden somewhere in the weej, or maybe try and fix it, either or.

Got txt from Simon on Saturday telling me it was baltic, yes he was skiing! lol I said *no shit Sherlock!* haha,himbo :p ( only 4 more sleeps wooop!)

Saturday was spent doing pretty much nothing all day before heading out to meet a bunch of nutters (aka Fetchies) for a ceilidh.Lots of dancing and laughs were had a top night all round! Was home by about 1ish, fairly tipsy but not not derunk.

Sunday's planned lie in was thwarted by Simon:o) but i stayed in bed til about 10.30 anyway then got up and made Soup, peeled tatties etc for dinner, today was all about chilling out and enjoying the footy.I even gave up a race because it clashed. First up was Celtic Rangers game which was just something to pass time til important game started. Made brunch for me & Stephen and sat and read papers and generally chilled. Oh, i made the Sunday paper! lol, was in Sunday Mail, pic of me running up Arthurs seat with Eddie, my pal ;) Looks like i might be on telly this week then!(BBC3, thu 10.30, it's in 3 parts so tape it)Game was great (of course!) which made me & Stephen happy bunnies. Kelly came up and joined us for dinner and i had early night and was in bed by 9pm like good girl that i am!

Ran into work today, calf feels less tight than it has been thankfully. What a lovely morning though, although it's still dark i just knew it was going to be a lovely day, as i came through the meadows there was a very bright full moon it was so bright and so big and felt i could just reach out and touch it. I love runs like this that's why i love running in morning so much, it's just so peaceful and a joy to have it all to yourself. That's what running is all about for me.

I'm avoiding fetch at mo unless it's to long my runs or else i'll punch someone's lights out.


  1. okay
    i cant stand it any more
    who the hell is simon?

  2. lol Ruth, he is a lovely man from londondshire, who is also a runner :o)

  3. You are one busy lady and go on punch lights out even though i don't know who you mean.....unless you mean me, don't punch my lights out please. Whoop to 4 sleeps :-) X

  4. I saw that photo in the paper! Looking forward to the telly show. You'll be even more famous!



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