Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

loving the weather. Back in my vest again, and it was bit chilly to start of but i soon warmed up. Did 7.3 miles and saw an incredible sunrise over Arthurs seat as i got to the meadows. Stopped and took some pics which i'll add once i get home. This is what makes it so worthwile running at 5am, me the sunrise and the snowdrops, fuck everything/everyone else.

Read rest of book i got from jemima last night, it's called *he's just not that into you* think it was made into a film but i've not seen it. Most of it is written by a man and makes an awful lot of sense, maybe all women should read it before they start dating and take heed.

Saw some cracking runs over the weekend (from afar) Nick had fab 80km race in Paris and i'm tempted by it next yr, sounds greatWell done bro! Rach got stonkin PB and it seems that everyone is just having the best time runningwise at mo, except poor Gav :o( Wish i could wave magic wand and make him better, he so doesnt deserve it. Even Diana, who is up the duff and got told not to run by some numpty is bouncing up those hills like a bouncy ball! :)

Got Management meeting after work, just realised i've no proper shoes here so i'll need to nip out and but some as we've to be suited and booted. Doesn't start til 4 so plenty.

Let the sun shine on you all.


  1. I'm loving this weather too and the light stuff early and late and flowers and things popping out the ground and baby lambs and stuff popping out too :-) X

  2. Sounds like a lovely run :-)

  3. You HAVE to do it next year. It is brill and you will love the hills, they are proper un's. We should make sure that loads of us go to make a great weekend of it all.

    oh and x.



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