Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wishing our lives away

Getting excited about Highland Fling, think it's cause there seems to be a whole lot of interest from Fetchies about doing it next yr.

Maybe we're making it sound too easy, too much fun? :o/ Maybe it's something we need to make make clear.

It's not going to be easy, not by any stretch of imagination, yes we'll have fun, and we'll party hard etc but we've all trained pretty bloody hard for this.
My only reason for doing the GEDM was as a training run to get the distance clear in my head, to give me confidence i could be on feet for crazy length of time without dying! I can.

Stephen got lift to his work last night from Neil to let them see for themselves just how broken he is, much more affective than a phone call and it's secured his job *phew* He's going in for staff meeting on sat to meet everyone and had license training next week, thank goodness, it's made him whole lot happier.

Last week i got another txt from Tony, then again on Saturday so i decided to txt him back this time. I was very nice and said thanks but no thanks. So i reckon it should be last i hear from him.


  1. When did you start doing nice?

  2. Good point Nick, i dont know why i bother to be honest

  3. Too right missy, fling is tough and sore but the sense of achievement erases out all the painful bits. Phew, good news about Stephen :-) x

  4. Glad Stephen got on ok. Heh @ Nick, typical bro comment. :-)



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