Thursday, 4 March 2010

I will cheer up, i will

I'm not normally all maudlin and miserable am i?

Got home yesterday to a cheque from my Auntie, she doesn't trust the internet and wont sponsor me online the silly moo. Anyway, she sent a wee note saying, it's 20 years since your Mum died today (Tuesday2nd) The same day i met Roger and went home to bed miserable. It's weird but every year i forget the day she died,i always focus on the 6th, cause that was when she was buried. This was day my life went into freefall, when it all became a bit too real, she wasn't coming back. So maybe the Tuesday misery was buried deep inside and it wasn't *just* Roger, although he is a cunt, that much is confirmed.

So i hope i don't dwell on it on Saturday, it's such a huge day for me, i reckon there will be tears at some point, whether it'll be pure exhaustion, misery, pain, happiness, jubilance, i have no idea. Maybe it will be a melting pot of emotions.

I put a thread on Feych calling out to Fetchies asking for support enroute, and i'm quite franky overwhelmed by everyone, Saturday is going to be great. It is.

one sleep.


  1. Oi cheer up little lady, you've got a fun run on Saturday with friends which will rock!! X

  2. Don't you know it's Santa's world and we just get to occasionally run in it !

  3. You do make me laugh with your polite description of Roger.



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