Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Keeping head down

Someone said to me in lift yesterday, "is it true you ran a double marathon last weekend?"

I've not told that many people at work, i guess i just wanted the focus to be on Highland Fling, cause that's what i'm raising money for and i get asked daily about that.I dont want people to think i do this kinda of thing on a regular basis, it'll somewhat cheapen my attempt at fling and i dont want anything to take away how hard this will be for me. Physically and mentally.

Phone call last night at 9.15, i was in bed watching telly and i ignored house phone. Then random number pops up on mobile, just as well i'm too nosy to ignore as it was Stephens manager saying they were waiting on ambulance to take him to hospital. I think Stephen is on first name terms with them down there now the amount of times he's been in because of football injuries!

I was told not to go down and with all my instincts screaming go go i called Kelly. She went down with Neil, her brother who drove her there. I got regular updates (they arrvied there before him, we're only 2 miles from hospital) and i eventually spoke to Stephen at 1.15am, he was waiting on doc coming back with drugs and xray results. He got released at 2.30am and went back to Kelly's (he stays there half week anyway) No doubt i'll be running after him for next 6 weeks or so! Poor sausage.

This pic was taken of me & him on friday night at kelly's grans golden wedding party>>

ran to work this morning, think i'm on autopilot at mo to be honest.


  1. Just discovered ur blog Santa an u have inspired me to start my own!, well done on the double marathon - great effort! Hope the training for D33 and WHW is going well, an more importantly I hope Stephen is OK.

  2. Poor Stephen hes going to be so frustrated to be out of action. You sound like you could do with a few ofm these (((((((((())))))))))


  3. Hope he is ok sis. Chelsea result must have cheered him up. :)



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