Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bloody Hell

chopped top of finger off when cutting fat off the pork fillet a wee while ago, och.

Meeting was ok last night, good to get updates on what the other units are doing and see the other managers. Profits are up so this keeps Simon our MD happy and we all got pats on back. We're getting taken to Taste festival again this yr,omg i must not get drunk, i must not get drunk etc etc. I was the drunkest i've ever been in my life first time we went, why cant i say no to a free drink? Didn't help that i was getting bought champagne by folk too though. Next again yr i was trying to be sensible (clearly didnt work) i have vague memories of Jemima hanging onto me trying to keep me upright as we left!

Got asked if i'd seen the Eddie izzard programme by Sales director(who is Simons wife btw) both of them sat & watched it, in fact after quick check it seemed half the people there did. Not one of them saw me in it though lol donuts.

Trying to organise girly lunch or even a bloody drink with Jemima is near on impossible, there is night out planned for 2nd April but i'm in Aberdeen. Will need to consult calender to try and get something organised not seen her in aaaages.

Had long chat to Phil last night, half of which whilst i was on bus. I usually love listening in on other people's phone calls so i do wonder what they made of mine. "they what? "
'theres no fuckn way i'm doin that, ever" etc lol

still need a haircut.


  1. At least the blue tape came in handy :-) You must not get drunk, you must not get drunk........but you will.Xm

  2. I dread to think how much it takes to get you drunk... Do you need me to chaperone you? ;-)
    Ouch to your finger!

  3. Get drunk get drunk get drunk, nuff said.



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