Thursday, 11 March 2010

Erase & Rewind

Ran home yesterday because it was a beautiful day, and because i felt good. Running up Lothian road was bit of mare though, loads of folk out enjoying sunshine and walking at snails pace 4 abreast had mucho dodging to do and doing so i pulled something in my thigh.By time i was at the meadows (which were stunning btw, millions of colourful crocuses and pansies all blooming) i was limping, i managed to get through meadows and stopped at earliest bus stop and got bus rest of way home.Cal and thigh both sore. Pants.

Last night was good though. Me & Stephen (Stephen & i!)settled down to watch footy with kebabs and cider lol :) I'm not a man, honest. Cracking game, was trying to Spot Nick on telly but no avail. Hope you enjoyed it bro, cracking atmosphere!

So decided before going to bed that today I'd be resting, no point making things worse. Got to bus stop and as bus approached i pulled out my money i'd put in pocket, only to realise i had 30p, instead of £1.30. Much frantic looking in other pockets and purse, no change. Had to go home and wait on next bus. Not great start at 5.30am is it? Got home and put back down, looked in side pocket and fuckin found bag of change aaaaaargh! See, this is why i run to work!

Got to work and set about making scones, put too much water into my mix and kept on adding more and more mixture until the scone mix was taking over the kitchen, i made giant scones the size of my head and still threw out loads of mixture. Went into freezer to take out bagels for breakfast service and suddenly remembered I'd put 3 (glass) bottles of water in there yesterday for one of afternoon meetings we had on. Only thing is i forgot and took them out fridge, so this morning i had 3 exploded bottles of water in freezer and glass fuckin everywhere.

Started picking it out freezer and chucking it in bin, glass everywhere. Suddenly i see a trail of blood, wtf? look down and my hand covered in blood. jeeezo! Pulled on a disposable glove over it and got on with getting scones out oven, bagels out freezer,bacon on etc etc whilst my glove filled up with blood. David the chef came and and looked at me in horror, think it looked worse than it was though....

Got cleaned up, plaster on etc and headed off to take down breakfast meeting i had on, took tea coffee water etc there but wasn't until i was in room that i realised I'd forgotten to take cups and glasses. Another trip in worst, slowest lift in world back up to kitchen and back down again before heading off to deliver another meeting on another floor, this time remembering everything.

All this before 8.30am.

I'm staying away from sharp knifes and electrical equipment for rest of day. It's paperwork day so i'll be at desk for majority of it, cant get into too much trouble here can i?

Can i please rewind and start this day over?


  1. Eek to the start to your day. Hope it gets better. Take care of those legs. x

  2. That sounds like a normal day for me Santa, the accident and forgetfullness stuff i mean. Have a cup of tea and a head sized scone :-) X



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