Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Straight to bed once got home (apparently) Slept well that night lol

Phil knocked on bedroom door in morning and appeared wearing my purple silk kimono lol, wish I'd had camera handy, suited him!

Got up cooked enormous breakfast for 8 of us which was quickly demolished.After brekkie Simon decided to empty his race bag, he was telling me about how his sandwiches had gone black due to the the tinfoil, and to prove his point he pulled out a large wrapped piece of tinfoil, unwrapped it and produced.... no, not a jam sandwich but a big lump of Smoked Cheddar.

The muppet had only gone and ran 55 miles with a piece of cheese from my fridge! ffs lol Phil said to him, well at least you'd have been ok if you'd been attacked by killer mice. Simon replied, yeah, at least i wouldn't have been pecked to death! lol God only knows what kind of mice they have in Engerlunshire but our mice nibble up here. He really really makes me laugh a lot and doesn't even mean it.
Phil & Anna said their farewells and headed off into town to climb up hills and send tempting pics to us.

So looking back i had no reason to be nervous after all but i think too much self confidence can lead to a fall so i reckon it did me bit of good. My training must have been spot on, thanks to WHW training runs, all the pentland running and all the crazy stuff in general I've been doing for last year. (crazy for me, maybe not mentalist ultra runners!)

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