Thursday, 25 March 2010

All foggy

Peasouper of a fog out there,you cant even see Edinburgh castle from Princes St was going to take pic but realised that would bit of blonde thing to do.

One of my favourite people in Woodmac is being seconded to Houston for 2 yrs and it's his leaving night. I gave him grief for having it on a bloody school night, got Simon & Nicola in tomorrow showing prospective clients around tommorrow too so cant exactly be bleary eyed and stinking of alcohol! So quick dash home, Stephen had bath run for me, make myself look gorgeous now heading back into town. Got asked out to another night out as i was leaving work ffs, i know i'm good but even i cant be in two places at once.

Got wedding tomorrow night too, i'll be knackered by Saturday.

Man Utd V Chelski the same day as D33. hmmm decisions.

You know under my loud, bubbly, tough exterior i'm still just a soft centred girl with feelings.


  1. Hope you have a lovely night oot lass.

  2. You could take a wee radio with you on the D33 to listen to the footy?

  3. Keep your phone with you and I will txt you updates on the footy. x



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