Friday, 26 February 2010

Porn,New underwear & Mystery Scratches

Oh and running...

Ran yesterday, I'm sticking to shortest route possible to work at mo to keep calf happy. It's kinda happy, just not ecstatic if you know what i mean? The Yfronts were gone, as i expected, there were no flashers to be seen and it was wet wet wet, but without Marti Pellow.

My computer has crashed on me again, i kept on getting random messages telling me i was being attacked, this freaked me out to be fair, and even more so when a bubble kept appearing saiyng YOU'RE BEING ATTACKED BY PORN SITES, DOWNLOAD ANTI VIRUS NOW!* then anti virus thingy kept downloading itself to my fuckin computer and porn sites kept appearing on my desktop! ffs! I deleted the pornsites,and when i turned machine back on (but not inthatway) they were there again! Jeezo!
Doctor Soph is once again coming to my rescue.

I got a delivery from Avon last night of some lovely new underwear, i also got ANOTHER pressie from Stephen, a bottle of perfume. I said why you get me more, you got me enough, he said *you said you liked it* bless him, is he not just the best?

Ran in again this morning, another drookit run, calf still not ecstatic, but not overly grumpy either. When i was getting changed into my whites i noticed big welts on my side! what the fuck? Have i been crucified Ala Jesus in middle of night?

answers on a postcard please.


  1. Marty Pellow back in the day. That brought a dirty little smile to my face. Thanks xx

  2. God knows what you get up to up there!

  3. Which perfume? One of mine I hope! x

  4. Go easy with that calf, heat and ice are good, but deffo no deep massage or deep stretching.

    Those welts, now I'm worried.

  5. fraid not Jen, just an avon one, i've still got my lovely Vera wang one which i keep for special :) x



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