Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WHW, good proper training- Part 2

2 quick drinks in drovers and we hop in car and head to our luxury hotel to check in.
Icy cold blast greets me as i open door to room, i had thoughts of running back and joining the weejie raj's in the bothy and swigging the buckfast but i spotted a wee fan heater and put it on full blast. Stood right beside it and tried to defrost toes. Put non power shower on to get warm, just in case it took ages to heat up and hopefully to warm bathroom up a bit. I decided against taking a bath in the luxurious roll top bath, thought I'd leave that til later.
Got out shower shivering and and sat in front of tiniest fan heater in world trying desperately to keep warm. Decided best thing for it would be to get dressed so i did, super quick. Then i thought I'd dry my hair and head to bar. hmmm, where have they hid the pesky hairdryer? I looked everywhere, even under my four poster bed and in the mini bar but no, no hairdryer. There was only one thing for it, i used the fuckin fan heater to dry my hair.
So i turned up to bar looking like something from hair bear bunch, or crystal tips and alistair for those who remember it... only one thing for it, get derunk!
Me & the dog who followed me that day>>>

Steve aka Llamadance had joined us for a wee soireee and off we head to good food cafe where we played bingo food and laughed at weejies>> Then it was back to bar for some serious rehydrating. Vodka & irn bru, the other national drink. Simon stupidly said couldn't down mine through a straw, clearly he hasn't seen me n a proper session before and it was gone in 5 seconds. It was promptly replaced by a double, methinks he was trying to get me drunk and have his wicked way with me ;)
Nick who proclaims to be the worlds most unsociable fucker kept saying he was going home, but kept staying *another* half hr lol
Of course vodka isn't enough on it's own, oh no, let's have some shooters too Simon announced,worried looks all around and a few mutterings, which were soon replaced with "where's mine ya bastard?"

it got quite messy, that's enough detail for you.

And it's all Simon's fault >


  1. I am the worlds most unsociable fucker.

  2. You need to fire your PA for getting you such sub standard digs. What else does he have to do but sit on his arse and make calls for you anyway?

  3. lol lesley, thing is they can get away with it as it's only htel in town! staff are great though, and breakfast is too....



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