Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Big one - Part one

I've been looking forward to this weekend for months now, and sometimes when you're looking forward to something so much it doesn't quite match up to expectations.

This one did, and then some.

It did have a bit of tumultuous start though. Got txt from Roger asking me to meet him after work to *have the talk* I told him i couldn't stay long as i had to go buy sealskin socks (lol, priorities) then get home and cook dinner before Nick arrived. So off i went to Tiso where he was meeting me, apparently i walked right past hm outside (lol again)
Anyway, got my socks and off we went to bar. He sat down and said "I've been waiting 9 months for you to give me an answer" well woopdefuckindo Roger, you left me remember. It descended into a tit fr tat for a while then into an interrogation, am i seeing, Phil, have i been sleeping with Phil, how come I'm so close to Phil, Phil this, Phil that. No Roger, I'm not and never have been. As i said already when you asked me before! He knows i hate liars, he knows i cant lie, I'm rubbish at it, but no, clearly nt enough for him eh.

Anyway, my head was going round and round like a washing machine and luckily Nick called and saved the day. He was sitting outside my house, i was in pub. He did arrive early though so not *entirely* my fault. He came int town to collect me (what a star)and cooking was forgotten about and Chinese ordered. I put on my sealskin socks and wore thm around house to get used to them.Nice relaxed evening was had , well for me anyway, poor Nick had to listen to me ranting about Roger for fair bit of it.. I was completely drained and sloped off to bed and left Nick watching Rocky for inspiration

Set my alarm for 5.30 as Simon's train was due in at that time from engerlundshire (allegedely)and i wanted to get up and get breakfast sorted for him Nick and Scott, who was due to arrive around 6ish. Fell into lovely deep sleep and was woken up by txt from Simon at 5am saying *I've arrvied, txt me when you wake up* muppet. Txt him back to say, i clearly *was* awake now and to just head out. lol

Heard Nick get up and i went downstairs to put kettle on, got txt from Simon who was standing at door asking me to let him in, dunno what's wrong with knocking, maybe it's an engerlundshire thing...
Anyway, Scotty arrived and i made sure everyone was fed and watered sufficiently and off we set.

Got to Drovers before we knew it and met the usual suspects lurking around i car park ;) We hung around long enough to chuck sticks at/for a dog and a quick group pic and we were off! The start of 54 miles of WHW, biggest training weekend ever and sections i hadn't done before,i was a tad apprehensive. I remember people coming through beinglass farm last yr swearing and saying *never again!* eeep

No idea why though, i loved it, every single bit of it. I was overawed by the scenery, i really do think there is something special about the West highland way.I didn't take many pics on way out as i knew we were doing out & back and decided to get most of them then. There is some tricky sections but i loved it all, i may have said that already! We got to rowardennan and stopped off at hotel for some tea n stuff and wee warm by the fire and off we set again. Got to robRoys cave and Nick, Mike and Simon decided to investigate and started climbing over masooov rocks, i was a proper girl and stayed put where i was, they said didn't miss much anyway.. Wasn't long before camera went kappoot and Simon and me stopped to put new batteries in, well that was plan. He took old ones out then put them back in again. muppet. Nick & Mike took off and into the distance and we didn't see them again for til the end! I was even running through streams and jumping in water, last time i got Phil and Soph to carry me over hahaha. My sealskin socks rock, reccomend thm highly!

After stopping again and trying again to fix camera we got it working, thankfully as we got some great shots. About a mile from Dario's remembrance book i started to feel a bit tired but just plodded on. Once we stopped there and signed his book i was flying!Not literally although if Simon had his way I'd have been down several gully's, hills and god knows what so he could get a good bloody picture! :-o We had a photo moment once we passed 26.2 miles and knew the day was Nearing an end, well the running part anyway!
Just after we took those pics we saw 3 blokes coming towards us carrying shopping bags, now i know it was Saturday and most people do their shopping then but what the fuck? The bags were bulging too and they all had 2 each! They were in middle of nowhere, with co op shopping bags, how utterly bizarre. But very funny.

Before too long we were back at beinglass farm and kinda sad it was all over. We ran down to drovers and Mike & Alan were just heading out carpark up to Tyndrum, Nick was waiting on us though, just as well really seeing he was driving! lol Off we went into the drovers for a much needed and well deserved drink, yes Simon, vodka and irn bru *is* a normal drink up here in the land of milk & honey. 28.8 miles. DONE.
Special mentions here to Nick for storming it, and to Iaian and Scotty for going into the darkside and becoming Ultra runners :)


  1. That looks like a lovely run, but I bet that vodka tasted sweet :). I don't know why Roger had to bring me into the conversation, I've never met you ;).

  2. Glad the running made up for the rough start to the weekend

  3. The guys with the carrier bags were heading to Doone bothy for a piss up, its a weegie thing.

  4. I'm laughing at the word muppet used a fair few times, you did fantastic.X

  5. Can we do it all again this weekend?? Please. Great blog, keep em coming.x

  6. Top day oot! Mahoosive thanks for brekkie before the list up & just generally being a big bright spark at dark o'clock in the morning.



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