Friday, 19 February 2010

Mixing pot

Of emotions today.

Birthday drinks are planned woop! Yes i know it was my birthday on Tuesday but only person i saw was Jemima, and she cant make tonight so it's me Thel & Martyn tonight, and hopefully David & Louisa too. 3rd one is planned for March 20th which is only date we could all fit in around our busy wee lives. Oh & Roger, how could i forget. He txt me last night asking if he could meet me for birthday drinks and to give me my card & present, at least i wont be alone with him by inviting him along tonight...

Simon isn't coming up this weekend, he's got a job on which must get done this weekend.Next weekend he is away skiing so it'll be next again weekend before he is up. This is weekend of Glasgow to Edinburgh race which I'm actually a bit scared about :o/ Good news is that he has booked Mon/Tues off so long weekend beckons, i reckon that'll go someway to making things up, it's only 14days, not that i'm counting or anything....

Got family stuff to do over the weekend as have to deliver 2 lots birthday pressies. Still no running, I'm giving it couple days more as it still doesn't feel quite right.

No mentalists on bus yesterday, there was however people standing, when there were seats, WHY? sit down ffs, you're making place look untidy!

Oh, and my pc is fucked. Totally. This is not good news.

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