Thursday, 18 February 2010


New chef yesterday, another chef luckily still called David so he wont get annoyed when i call him David, clever huh? He seems really nice, he's not *our* David but he seems to have good head on his shoulders and can cook, always a bonus when you're a chef..

Busy day at work yesterday with showing him around and trying to catch up from stuff after being on day off on Tuesday, and lunchtime we got bit hammered all at once as 2 meetings mptied at once.

Still got finished up for 2 though ! Got on bus and sat at front, cause i like to pretend I'm driving and sing the wheels on the bus go round and round.. OK, maybe i don't but i like seeing whats going on why bus is being held up etc, nosy like that i am. So i had my bag on seat next to me, cause bus wasn't that busy but someone just had to go sit next to me eh so i had to dump my big bag on my lap, i glared at her though.

So there i am, happily sitting listening to radio and watching world go by when i heard this strange noise, i took earphone out and realised it was woman (aka mentalist) sitting next to me, singing along to Alicia Keys - new york. Not in a good way either. I bit my lip and tried to read metro to take mind of it but i was shaking inside trying not to laugh. Then person in other front seat moved so she moved over there but carried on singing, until suddenly i t stopped. I looked over and she stuffing her face with a chocolate donut.

Donut break over, singing starts again, this time it was Aerosmith- don't want to miss a thing, i looked at her incredulously as if to say HELLO people can hear you, you know! i caught eye of woman behind her who'd put her book down and was looking around to see where noise was coming from and we both bit our lips trying not to laugh.

luckily i was nearly home by this point so my journey of mentalness was over. Jeezo, i have mental dogs following me when I'm running and mentalist people sitting next to me on bus, no escape!

no running since last friday, i think today i'll be one singing on bus to keep me sane!

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  1. You should have sang along to mentalist and done the Jay-Z bits ;). Just read your previous, so wishing you a belated happy birthday. It sonds like you had a great day :).



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