Wednesday, 17 February 2010

If Veuve Cliquot Made Birthdays....

They'd send everyone here for them, then they'd give everyone a Stephen to make it all perfect.

Had my alarm set for 6.15 to get bit of lie in but got Txt at 5am wishing me happy birthday lol, twas ok as I'd been waking up thinking i should be at work anyway. Got up and ran bath and got myself organised. Went downstairs and opened my card from Stephen which was fab, funny and very true (talks of crazy mum who likes to party but looks young ;)) and right next to that was a fabulous mug with worlds greatest mum on it, no ordinary mug, a pint mug no less! Saves me nicking his sports one all time now haha

Made my pint of tea then opened pressie from Natalia, Clarins bath stuff and Shot glasses lol, not to be mixed! Back upstairs to have bath and before long i was ready to head off. Poked head in door to say bye to Stephen and he he *why you going now? I've set my alarm for 8 to get up and make you breakfast!* awww, bless him, i thanked him and said I'd see him later.

Met Jemima in town and off we set for Norton House after bit of faffing with buses. I can highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a special day. We felt special from moment we arrived. Manager introduced herself and gave us our personalised schedules for the day and asked us to choose lunch options :)

Then we got tour of place, this of course didn't stop us from wandering around and into wrong places for rest of day hahaha, Jemima should be blond too... Got changed into out bikinis and fluffy robes and slippers and set off for our first treatment of day. Back, Neck and shoulder massage, fabulous.They asked how we wanted to feel after, Jemima said detoxed lol! i said chilled :o) And i did, it was great. Afterwards in the relaxation room we discussed it and both us said we found it hard to burst out laughing though. I'm quite sensitive and tickly and i was gritting my teeth to stop me just laughing out loud, Jemima said same thing, can you imagine if both of us had started laughing hahha

Then we headed off to hydrotherapy pool, steam room, sauna etc. The hydrotherapy pool had seats in then but if i tried to lie back in them i kept drowning haha! after an hour or so in there it was time for lunch! Time just flew by. Really lovely lunch with obligatory champagne and after pondering getting more we decided against it as next treatment involved being steamy hot and being steaming probably would've been unwise...

So off we went for 2nd treatment. Rasul mud treatment. We were locked in a wee room with loads potions and instructions which we clearly didn't listen to but pretended to haha. Started off with salt body scrub, then there was a face mud, a body mud and a hair mud thingy lol. I clearly didn't think things through and started with the body mud, realising i couldn't get hands clean again to do the face stuff, so Jemima ended up with white face, looking like proper Geisha girl but mine was grey cause it was mixed in with body mud lol! Muppet or what. Mud came from dead sea apparently, everyday's a school day n whatnot. So then we had our wee booths to sit in whilst the place filled with steam, thing is it wasn't, steaming that is. So we started pressing buttons, first off all the showers came on and we had to jump out way to preserve our mud then we heard a knocking on door asking if we were ok, we'd only gone and pressed the emergency button! hahahaha we were nearly peeing ourselves laughing at that point. Thinking oh my god, what if we'd have to evacuate bu idling dressed in nothing more than a bikini an covered in mud, too funny.

at that point the steam started, apparently it was automatic, maybe we shouldve listened more....Skin felt sublime after we had our (2nd) shower lol and smelt just delicious. We headed off back to relaxation area but had to leave after someone was snoring and we were trying not to giggle. lol

So we headed back to pool area again and headed to sauna,hydrotherapy pool etc for more chilling out. We decided early on against using gym as we wanted day to be all about relaxation, and boy it was! By 3pm we were sitting in bar sipping on large glass chilled wine and pondering where to head next for bubbly.

Tigerlilly was place of choice and bottle of bubbly and strawberries in there was quickly devoured and we moved onto Candybar for some mediocre cocktails. Then it was time to Jemima to head to salsa and me to head home for footy and pressies.

Stephen called me to say he wasn't home yet and to not go into living room, so i headed upstairs to check mail. 97 emails lol Mainly facebook notifications wishing me happy birthday, people are superlovely! Checked messages and Stephen & Kelly arrived home and shouted upstairs *happy birthday! champagne?*
errm yeah! Got downstairs to housefull off balloon's and banners and pressies. And few cards too which had arrived after i left. Stephen got my 6 pairs running socks, a bottle of vodka, a wee teddy with i love mum on it, a triple running CD (ministry of sound) and an IPOD! :-o Its a funky turquoise ipod shuffle and i LOVE IT. I aslo got a voucher for Pizza express from Bigbro Joops, and a voucher for Kitchins restaurant (michelin starred no less) from Jemima :o)
fab-u-less dahling

Rest of night was spent eating Chinese food, drinking bubbly and watching Man Ut win wooohooo¬! Then i headed off to via checking emails. Suddenly the light went off and Stephen & Kelly appeared with the best birthday cake ever, they'd decorated with cola bottles (kick jelly babies ass anyday!) and a miniature of vodka, and candles of course. Too funny!

Had the best birthday ever, really really fab day. I have THE most wonderful & thoughtful son anyone could ever wish for, I'm very lucky.


  1. Awwww he is a lovely son and I am so glad you had a lovely day :) xx

  2. You deserve to be totally spoilt rotten every now and again

  3. Ooops :-) Sorry for the 5am wake-up xxx



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