Monday, 22 February 2010

Weekend that was

Weekend started at 5pm exactly, we were in Tigerlilly at 5.05 and Thelma & Roger were already there. More pressies for me which was just lovely, it's funny when you see your friends *staggered* as your birthday seems to last forever!

Roger was fine, no dramas but i did manage to make sure i wasn't sat near him all night.And he got me a very nice running vest, s'all good! Night started on wine and ended on champagne and that's where it finished me off. I'm so not used to drinking wine so much these days, maybe I'm turning into a lightweight :-o no food in stomach didn't help i guess. Got taxi home with Thel and was in bed before 10pm. Woke up at 3am dying thirst and thought it be good idea to txt Simon, ooops, sorry, lol. Saturday was a glorious day, blue skies and sunshine and i was wrestling with self whether to do the Pentlands run we'd planned for Simon or not. Sensible Sandra won over and i decided to stay in and rest one more day. Soph, Ian, Scott, Lucy & Christina went though and after seeing the pics i was very jealous :o(

Soph came over after to fix my defunct PC and i had a nice bubbly bath run for her and a pot of Soup made with freshly baked bread, just as well i did as it took her 4 hours to fix my poor sickly PC! Poor Soph, i was sitting on bed watching her for about an hour then after she sighed, swore and sighed over and over, asked me questions i couldn't answer about stuff i had no idea what she was talking about, i decided i would go downstairs and watch harry hill instead as it was stressing me out lol

I kept her topped up with tea when she hollered tho! She was a complete star and got it working again and i think that's a whole new career, or even a side career there for her, told her to put a DoctorSoph to the rescue! ad in local paper and use her skills to her advantage and make bit money. 20mins after she left we had a massive power cut, took out mile radius around us and it was really eeerie being so dark and quiet. I just went to bed whilst Stephen wandered around stressing about burglars and locking doors then decided to go to his pals who had power.

Got 2 txts over weekend from Tony, the guy i met at Highland Fling last yr. He wants me to meet him, i have ignored them but it's making me feel bad. Should i have courtesy of txting him back even to say fuck off and die? (in a nice way) not sure he had same courtesy with me when he made/broke planned dates..

Sunday i was up really early, and another beautiful day dawned so i pulled on my running gear and headed off for 6 mile loop up to Fairmilehead and back. Could feel calf but its not sore. It's fairly tough route so good tester, fingers crossed I'll be ok. Taking it fairly easy until GEDM though and will probably only run every other day. Got my knee high socks on today to give extra support and will run to work tomorrow.

Headed into town to meet BigBro Alan & his wife Marie then headed down to BigBro Stephen's for party. My nephew John shares my birthday so it was wee party for him/me. More pressies for me here too, wooop! Think my Birthday is over now though. Had lovely time and we were all stunned and delighted when Marie announced she was pregnant! I cried, lol. They've been married for about 8yrs now and i thought perhaps they'd decided not to bother having kids, so it was lovely suprise. Stephen is really excited, he's always been really close to them as they looked after him a lot when he was younger, they will be superb parents. She is already getting grief from docs about being Vegan though ffs, Marie eats better than anyone i know, and doesn't drink or smoke either. Alan has been vegan for 27yrs,(he does drink tho) if they didn't know how to cope with their nutritional needs by now they'd be in trouble! Luckily Mardi (big bro Stephens wife) is chief midwife so at least once they clock the connection she might not get so much grief. Mind you, Marie is feisty Irish girl who takes no nonsense from no one so hardly a shrinking violet!

Had really lovely day yesterday, bubbly, pressies, surprises. S'all good!

11 sleeps.


  1. Just catching up with all your busy shenanigans little lady. lol at sleep counting too :-) Hope your leggies working again really soon.XX

  2. Lol @ you being a lightweight xxx

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. My friend is a vegan and she has 3 kids and they are all fine. Don't know what she eats tho! I couldn't live without cheese personally

  4. lol,i liek my meat too much ;) Alan & Marie cook everything from scratch, they are very inventive and i always have lovely dinners at thiers



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